Expert System Shell in Artificial Intelligence

Expert System Shell in AI

A skeleton expert system with the knowledge removed is called an expert system shell. All the user needs to do to create a new expert system application is supply pertinent data and add rules to represent new knowledge.

Expert System Shell in Artificial Intelligence

Shells make building expert systems with inferencing and knowledge representation capabilities possible. An inference engine is one of the many tools an expert system shell offers for managing a knowledge base. Furthermore, it offers a module that allows the user to generate the knowledge base.

Expert system shell gives knowledge engineers a simple software environment in which to create expert systems. It includes every piece of general expert system logic needed to create an expert system.

Therefore, an expert system expert system can be designed using the development system shell. It gives the knowledge engineer an effective and user-friendly environment in which to create an expert system.

The Function of the Expert System Shell

A program used to create an expert system is called an expert system shell. Three primary tasks are carried out by the Expert system shell: 

  • Allows the developer to enter knowledge into the knowledge representation structure, which aids the programmer in creating a knowledge database. 
  • Outlines the process for drawing conclusions or inferences based on data entered by the user and information kept in a database. 
  • Gives the user an interface via which they can create tasks and queries related to strategic reasoning that can be asked of the machine.

Expert system shell provides a wide range of facilities and advantages, that's why expert system shell offers a dramatic reduction in the development time of expert systems.

Expert System Shell provides the following facilities:

  • A language for representing knowledge. 
  • Editor of knowledge bases. 
  • Facilities tracking and debugging. Facilities for user interfaces. 
  • Provisions for ambiguous reasoning Facilities for rule induction. 
  • Good tools for debugging and value checking. 
  • A method for managing ambiguity from the perspective of the developer and final users' perspectives.

Advantages of Expert System Shell in AI

  • The inference engine and user interface are constructed using reusable programming.
  • Compared to creating a system from scratch using traditional programming techniques, producing the final product requires far lower programming expertise.
  • Projects involving expert systems development can be finished more quickly, affordably, and effectively.

Disadvantages of Expert System Shell in AI

  • There are no feelings in the expert system. 
  • The primary problem with the expert system is common sense. 
  • It was created for a certain domain. 
  • It requires manual updating. It is not self-learning. 
  • Unable to articulate the reasoning behind the choice.

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