Impact and Non-Impact Printers

What is Impact Printer in Computer

A printer that operates by making direct touch with the paper is called an impact printer. When the ink ribbon is struck by a metal or plastic head, the desired character (letter, digit, dot, or line) is impressed. A metal pin or a character set is hammered to create the print.

Impact and Non-Impact Printers

The ink ribbons and paper come into direct touch thanks to the impact printer. Despite being quite popular, they can be noisy. Impact printers are capable of printing due to their mechanical parts. Dot-matrix printers, line printers, and Daisy-wheel printers are among examples.

Uses of Impact Printer

  • Paper sheets are inserted continuously into impact printers. 
  • Except for the dots matrix, an impact printer's character style cannot be altered. 
  • Impact printers do not print graphic pictures, except dot matrix printers. 
  • To print on paper with an impact printer, all you need is a pin, hammer, or wheel to strike an inked ribbon.

Types of Impact Printer in Computer

There are four types of Impact Printer

  • Dot matrix Printer 
  • Daisy wheels Printer 
  • Chain printer 
  • Drum printer

1. Dot Matrix Printer

A print head that moves up and down or back and forth on the page is usually used in dot matrix printers, which are an impact printer type that print by impacting an ink-soaked fabric ribbon against the paper with a fixed number of pins.

2. Daisy wheels Printer

In 1969, daisy wheel printing was developed as an impact method. With two to three times the speed of premium typewriters like the IBM Select, it produces high-quality output using replaceable pre-formed type elements, each of which typically has 96 characters.

3. Chain Printer

The character printer is that one. A metallic band or chain with printed lettering that spins horizontally in front of paper serves as the print element in a chain printer. Each of the five portions, totaling 48 characters, makes up a complete chain.

4. Drum Printer

Identical characters are printed simultaneously at all necessary positions on a line, on the fly, by signal-controlled hammers in an impact printer where the entire set of characters for each print position on a line is on a continuously rotating drum behind an inked ribbon, with paper in front of the ribbon.

Advantages of Impact Printer

  • Impact printers are less expensive. 
  • Make copies on carbon paper. 
  • Low cost of printing. 
  • Minimal maintenance.

Disadvantages of Impact Printer

  • The impact printer made a lot of noise. 
  • Impact printer with poor print quality. 
  • An impact printer with a slow print speed. 
  • Impact printers can print in limited colors.

What is Non-Impact Printer in Computer

Non-impact are the printers in which a printing element does not straight strike a page. Most printers nowadays are non-impact printers. It helps to get colorful prints. Example - Inkjet printers, laser printers.

Non-impact printers transfer ink or toner onto paper without actually hitting it by using techniques like inkjet or laser technology. These printers yield excellent prints and are usually faster and quieter than impact printers. In the business or at home, non-impact printers are frequently used to print documents and pictures.

Uses of Non-Impact Printer

  • The printing process is carried out by non-impact printers using pressure, heat, or ink spray. 
  • Because they have few or no moving parts, they make relatively little noise. 
  • Non-impact printers make it simple and possible to produce graph-style pictures.

Types of Non-Impact Printer

  • Inkjet Printer 
  • Laser Printer

1. Inkjet Printer

An inkjet printer is a computer accessory that uses drops of ink to spray onto paper to create tangible copies of text documents or photos. 1200 x 1440 dpi color printing copies can be produced using a standard inkjet printer. This is sufficient to print larger-than-5-by-7-inch images; however, inkjet printers with a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi are available for projects requiring great print quality on a larger scale.

2. Laser Printer

A laser printer is a kind of printer that prints high-quality text and graphics on paper by using a laser beam. To transfer the toner onto the paper, it uses a hot fuser in conjunction with electrostatically charged toner. Laser printers are renowned for their dependability, crisp output, and quick print times.

Advantages of Non-Impact Printer

  • A Non-Impact printer prints Without hitting the paper.
  • A Non-Impact printer reduces noise and high speed. 
  • It makes excellent color printouts.

Disadvantages of Non-Impact Printer

  • Non-impact printers are expensive. 
  • Periodic maintenance is necessary.
  • Need warm-up time in order to function properly.
  • Toner is more expensive than Impact Printers.

Difference between Impact Printer and Non-Impact Printer

Impact Printer

  • Impact printers rely on conventional printing techniques. 
  • An impact printer's character style except for the dots matrix cannot be changed. 
  • To print on paper with an impact printer, you only need a pin, hammer, or wheel to strike an inked ribbon. 
  • Impact printers produce prints with poorer quality. 
  • There is noise coming from the impact printer. 
  • Impact printers do not print graphic images, unlike dot matrix printers. 
  • Paper sheets are fed continuously into impact printers.

Non-Impact Printer

  • The most recent printing technologies are required for non-impact printers. 
  • On the other hand, the non-impact printer may print a variety of character kinds using just one printer. 
  • The non-impact printer prints onto paper by applying pressure, heat, ink sprays, and lasers. 
  • The print quality is better with the non-impact printers. 
  • Noise levels from non-impact printers are low. 
  • It is quite possible to produce graphical pictures with a non-impact printer. 
  • Paper is used individually by non-impact printers.

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