What is Dot Matrix Printer in Computer

Dot Matrix Printer

An impact printer with a set quantity of pins or wires for printing is called a dot matrix printer. Usually, one or more verticle columns contain the pins or wires. The individual characters are formed by the dot patterns that these pins create on the paper.

A print head that moves up and down or back and forth on the page is usually used in dot matrix printers, which are an impact printer type that print by impacting an ink-soaked fabric ribbon against the paper with a fixed number of pins.

What is Dot Matrix Printer in Computer

Uses of Dot Matrix Printer

Because of its distinctive features, dot matrix printers have found widespread usage across a wide range of industries and applications. Here are a few common uses for matrix printers: 

1. Forms and Reports Printing: 

Reports and forms that need to be printed continuously can be printed using dot matrix printers. Order forms, shipping labels, inventory reports, data logs, and other multipart forms with per-printed information are among the types they can handle.

2. Printing of invoices and bills: 

These printers are frequently used to print financial documents such as billing statements and invoices. They are capable of handling carbon copy forms, which enables the simultaneous generation of numerous copies of the same document.

3. Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems: 

To print receipts, sales summaries, and other transaction-related papers, dot matrix printers are frequently used in POS systems. Supermarkets, retail outlets, and lodging facilities all carry them. 

4. Receipt printing: 

Retail establishments, eateries, and other enterprises have long-printed receipts using dot matrix printers. On multipart forms, they can swiftly print comprehensive transaction information, including supplementary copies for record-keeping and the original copy for the customer.

Components of Dot Matrix Printer

There are eight main components of the Dot Matrix Printer.

  • Print Head.
  • Head Cable.
  • Carriage Assembly.
  • Carriage Bushing.
  • RDA.
  • Control Panel.
  • Ribbon Mask.
  • PFR Gear.

Advantages of Dot Matrix Printer

  • Dot matrix printers are inexpensive and widely accessible. 
  • The cost of printing is small. 
  • On continuous stationery, it is applicable. 
  • Maintenance for dot matrix printers is minimal.

Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printer

  • This printer is a real noise machine. 
  • Few color selections are available in the dot matrix printer. 
  • It prints at an extremely slow pace. 
  • With a dot matrix printer, the print quality is poor.

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