Report Writing Software in MIS

A report for a business it is a document that conveys specific information about that business to other individuals those can be employees, investors, managers, or another superior.

Report Writing Software

It is consists of a program that produces periodic reports and special reports.

a) Periodic Reports

These are that reports have a special routine schedule. These reports are issued weakly, monthly, or annually. An example of a periodic report is feedback.

b) Specific Reports

These reports don't have any schedule. These are the type of unscheduled reports that may be requested by managers.

Steps of Writing a Report

1). Define the Problem

2). Gather the necessary information

3). Analyze the information

4). Organize the information

5). Write report

Principal of Writing a Report

1). One should highlight the important information

Also, highlight the important information because managers don't want to waste their time searching for the information that they need. 

2). The report should be simple as possible

The report should be simple and easy because if the report is in a simple format then the report can be maintained easily. 

3). Backup details should be available.

Importance of Writing Report

i). Providing a deeper insight

ii). Highlight the specific problem of a business

iii). Help adopt the right marketing strategy

iv). Help in decision making and problem-solving


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