Computer Fundamentals Notes For BCA 1st SEM PDF Download [Part-2/4]

Computer Fundamentals notes for BCA 1st SEM pdf in English, computer fundamentals notes pdf, Fundamentals of Computer BCA 1st Sem textbook PDF

Peripheral Devices

Peripheral devices are secondary devices of a computer system such as keyboard, mouse, etc


It is the main input device.

It is used to enter text and numeric data and looks like a typewriter.

Some-Keys of Keyboard: Additional Keys, Function Key(F1 to F12), Ctrl Keys, etc.

Types of Keys

i) Alphabet Keys: These key contains all alphabets capital or small A TO Z or a to z.

ii) Numeric Keys: These keys are from 0 to 9.

iii) Function Keys: These keys are form F1 to F12 shifted upon alphabets on the keyboard.

iv) Cursor Control Keys:

Home: Put cursor at beginning of the line.

End: Put the cursor at end of the line.

Page Up: Move up one page.

Page Down: Moved next page.

v) Special Keys: Keys which are use for the special purpose are called special keys these are:

Caps Lock Key, Num Lock Key, Shift Key, Enter Key, Space-bar Key, Tab Key, Escape Key(Esc) Backspace Key, Delete Key, Control Key, Print Screen Key(PrtScr), Scroll Lock Key, Pause Key and Modifier Key. 

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Pointing Devices

A device with you can control the movement of the pointer to select item on a display screen.


Mostly used input device.

Mainly have three buttons (Left, Right and Scroll).

Use to handle motion of pointer, and popular pointing device.

Sometime it takes different shapes depending on the task


It is the alternative of mouse.

Use to move pointer in desired direction.

Trackball used in Laptops to control cursor.

Mostly used in CAD/CAM and Medical Field.

Touch Panel:

It is sensor type device.

It interactive with a computer by touch on a screen.

It is also known as touch screen or touch monitor.


It is an input device use for play games.

A joystick work as a trackball.

A joystick looks like a stick and have a small boll at top.

Light Pen:

It is also an input device, similar to a mouse.

Used to directly write and draw any figure on the computer screen.


Scanners convert text and images to digital representation.

These are looks like photography machine.


Most popular and mostly used output device.

Displays all work done and images on its screen.

It is also called a Visual Display Unit(VDU).

Two technology available CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

Optical Mark Reader (OMR):

Sometime called mark sense reader.

Work with a dedicated scanner device that throws a beam of light on the form paper.

Used to check the objective test mark-sheet, lottery ticket and official form, etc.

Bar-Code Reader:

Read information from printed bar code

Sometime Bar Code Reader called Point-of-sale(POS) scanner.

It use to translate black and white bars int electrical impulses.

Computer Fundamentals notes for BCA 1st SEM pdf in English, computer fundamentals notes pdf, Fundamentals of Computer BCA 1st Sem textbook PDF

Hard Copy Devices:

Hard Copy Devices give output in tangible form means which we can see or touch. These devices are used to print data on paper. Printer and Plotter are the common hard copy devices.

Impact and Non-Impact Printers:

i) Impact:

Direct contact of an ink ribbon with papers.

These printers are typically loud but remain in use today because of their unique ability to function with multipart form.

ie. Dot-Matrix Printers, Daisy-Wheel Printers and Line Printers.

ii) Non-Impact:

These printers does not hit or impact a ribbon to print output on the papers.

These printers use Laser, Electrostatic, Xerographic, Chemical and Inkjet technologies.

i.e: Inkjet and Laser Printers.

Daisy Wheel Printers:

These type of printers looks like daisy flower.

Use to print individual letter, number and symbol on the paper.

Daisy wheel printer works on the same principle o ball-head typewriter.

These are made of plastic or metal and known as circular printing element.

Dot Matrix Printer:

These printers placing dotes to form an image

The quality of an image depend on dots per inch(dpi).

These are relatively expensive printers, and don't produce high quality output.

These printers printing range from 180cps to 240cps, 260cps, 300cps and 360cps.

Laser Printer:

These are fast page printer, and utilizes a laser beam to produce images on the paper.

Printing speed and quality of these printers is batter than other printers.

These printers can print 12 to 20 pages per minute.


Plotters are used to generate graphical outputs.

These printers draw line using a pen and produce high quality output.

Plotters are mainly used to generate the design required by engineers, doctors, city planners, etc.

Sometime these are use in bike decoration shops.


Speakers are commonly used and popular output device.

These are use for entertainment to listen music.

Speakers need sound-card to generate sound.

Use for handling sound and music.


Projector display image and computer screen on flat surface

These are commonly used in meeting, presentation or smart-classroom.

Computer Fundamental Notes PDF (Download Now)

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