Computer Fundamentals Notes For BCA 1st SEM PDF Download [Part 3/4]

Computer Fundamentals notes for BCA 1st SEM pdf in English, computer fundamentals notes pdf, Fundamentals of Computer BCA 1st Sem textbook PDF

Internet and Multimedia


It is a network of networks or a worldwide system of computer networks.

An internet uses an IP suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices.

It is a network of networks linked with wireless, and other network technology.

It carries a vast range of information resources and services. And called the massive body of networks.

And often it is called "The Information Highway".

Advantages of Internet

Source of information. This means we can find any topic through the internet.

And also it is a source of Entertainment.

It gives the newest and time to time latest news.

Help people in online shopping and it saves time and effort.

Students and teachers use the internet for their studies.

Disadvantages of Internet

A waste of time because some people spend their time on social media.

It is not a safe place for the children.

Privacy Exposure because sometimes hackers hack our personal information.

Money frauds happen on the internet anullnd some advertising site gathers cards details.

Viruses/Malware because sometimes systems get infected by viruses. 

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Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail is basically known as E-Mail.

Use to send messages or letters through the internet. And it is the most popular internet service.

It is simple, fast, and reliable for sending or receiving messages.

The first email service is Hot Mail and launched in June 1996 by Saber Bhatia.

Attaching a document with email:

i) Login into email

ii) Click compose

iii) Take the recipient's email in 'To' field, put 'Subject' in the 'Subject box' and type your message.

iv) Click on Attach file icon right to the "Send" button.

v) Click on document and open (the document  has been attached)

vi) If ready for send click Send.

File Transer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol is also called FTP.

It is used to exchange & manipulate files over the internet.

It is mostly used to transfer files from one remote computer to a local computer.

Users can access files from the host computer by logging on to this.

Computer Fundamentals notes for BCA 1st SEM pdf in English, computer fundamentals notes pdf, Fundamentals of Computer BCA 1st Sem textbook PDF


Telnet is a network protocol used to virtually access a computer and to provide a two-way, collaborative, and text-based communication channel between two machines.

It follows user command TCP/IP networking protocol for creating remote sessions.

World Wide Web

It is known as Web and WWW or W3.

It is a way to access information from the internet.

WWW interlinked hypertext doc. that contains resources.

It is developed by Tim Berners-Lee.

World Wide Web is a vast collection of web pages.

Uniform Resource Locator(URL)

It is the way to locate resources on the Internet.

URL specifies the address of the file on the internet.

URL consists of three parts i) Name of the Protocol, ii) IP Address and iii) Domain Name.

It is a set of four numbers separated by periods. ie.

Internet DNS translates the alphanumeric address to numeric.

Web Browser

Web Browser is used to navigate www.

It connects the computer to the internet.

Without a web browser, we are not able to surf the internet.

The most popular web browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Safari, etc.

Internet Search Engine

It is a specialized program that helps to find information on the web.

It is used to search anything and everything.

Popular search engines are: Google, Bing, MSG, Yahoo, etc.

Multimedia & Multimedia Applications Notes

We use to different mediums to say any information to others.

These mediums can be text, sound, picture, animation, and video. 

It is a presentation of information through more than one presentation medium or the combination of text, sound, pictures, animation and video.

Multimedia Components:

Text:  Text is the most fundamental element of any multimedia project. And it is easy to manipulate.

Graphics: Graphics can be added to a multimedia project in the form of photographs or designs.

Animation: Animation contains the movement of any element and looks like a movie. It is used in movies and games, etc.

Audio: Audi to a multimedia presentation from a variety of sources.

Video: Moving images or video can be incorporated into a multimedia project as Quick-Time movies

Multimedia Applications

Multimedia Applications are:

Digital Library.

Multimedia Books and e-Books.

Multimedia Presentation.

Animated Advertisements.

Animation Films.

Computer Fundamental Notes PDF (Download Now)

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