10 Popular Programming Languages in September 2021

Hey Geeks, Welcome again in Geeks Help Decision Page in today's artical we will discuss about the top 10 Popular Programming Languages which gained a lot of Importance in September, 2021.

As we know that Programming Languages gained a lot of importance over the past few years. And the demands of programmers increasing day by day. 

Here we are going to describe 10 Popular Language in September, 2021, and the data of these programming languages are based on PYPL Index or Google Trends

So let's discuss about 10 popular programming languages in September 2021.

1. Python

As compare last month, Python Programming is still increasing in the market and is most influential in the worldwide.  And Python Programming Language is still on the top position of the PYPL  Index (World Wide) September, 2021.

2. Java

Java Programming take second position in PYPL Index. And from last few months Java was still on second position. But now in these days demand of Java Programming is increasing.

3. JavaScript

Like, the other programming language JavaScript, in August 2021 was at the third position in PYPL Index. However, in July, 2021 JavaScript was at 7th position on PYPL Index.

4. C#

From July to august the demand of C# was raised. And in August C# take 4th position from 5th position and it has managed to stick to the fourth position for September as well.

5. PHP

In last few month PHP was on 7th or 8th position according to PYPL but from August,2021 demand of PHP is increase from 6th, 7th position to 5th position.

6. C/C++

Also other programming languages demand is increasing day by day. And from July to August the demand of C/C++ was increased but in September demand of C/C++ is decreases. And according to the PYPL Index now the demand of C/C++ is increasing slowly.

7. R

In last two or three month R Programming Language was not become the part of the top 10 popular language in July. However, in August or September it holds the 7th position according to PYPL Index.

8. TypeScript

From the PYPL Index Typescript gained 8th position in August Index List. But in these days the demand the Typescript is increasing slowly. 

9. Swift

According to PYPL Index data Swift gained 9th position in August or September but in July it not the part of 10 Popular Programming Languages.

10. Objective-C

Like Swift or some other Programming Languages Objective-C Programming Language become a part of 10 Popular Programming Language in September, 2021.

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