Frontend Developer Roadmap with Resources 2024 [ UPDATED ]

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In these days web development is increasing day by day and most of the people and the person want to become Frontend Developer and every organization or the firm have their own websites and  also need a developer to build their website. So the need of Frontend Developer is also increasing day by day.

And with the demand of Frontend Developer, the salary of a developer is also increasing and most of the people with their passion and their curiosity wants to go in the field of Web Development as Frontend Developer. And one more important thing is that here we will discuss only the things which you will learn only for the development their is also another things like Package Manager, Git, GitHub but these you can also learn as a Frontend Developer but in this article we will learn the development technologies or languages.

So, without wasting any time let's learn about How you can become a Frontend Developer?


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. And it is very very most important in the field of web development because with HTML you create the structure of your website. HTML is the bare bones of your all complete website, without HTML we cannot imagine our website. Because the images, the heading, the text, the captions, the tables, etc., which we show in the website are also created with the help of HTML, and HTML have its tags which are used to create the structure of your website so to Become a Frontend Developer you need to learn HTML at first.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. As the name suggest of CSS that style sheet is used to implement the style in your HTML code. And CSS is used to create the layout of our website that how our website design will look like that.

With the help of CSS we can target the elements, tags and other things of our HTML files to implement the different styles on the elements and we can create amazing and attractive looking website. So that the user or the visitor can spend their more time to stay at our website and get the information in a good structured way.


After learning HTML and CSS it is time to create some projects using just HTML and CSS. Because if you create the project using just HTML and CSS you show your creativity and you build an amazing projects but these website are just static page web projects. And don't worry if you create a website with using just HTML and CSS you get different Ideas and that how you can implement your HTML and CSS skills to build amazing and cool websites.

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In these days without JavaScript we cannot imagine any website because JavaScript is a language which implement the logic in our website that how our website will will work. And JavaScript add different type of functionality in our website to make it work and helpful for the user.

With the JavaScript we can create our dynamic website because JavaScript is very popular for web development. JavaScript is a scripting language and we use some other library and frameworks of JavaScript to create an amazing looking website and the good working functionality website.

After learning the basics of Web Development now go for some frameworks and libraries because in today's every company wants that their website should be created using any library and framework. So after learning the best building blocks of web development you have to go for library or frameworks. As a beginner you should learn at least one CSS framework or one JavaScript library or framework.

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Bootstrap is a CSS framework and almost every company is used uses Bootstrap to build their websites and to build their projects. So as a front and developer you have to master a CSS framwork like Bootstrap. It is a Framework which provide the classes to implement the design for building the projects and it have also provide some components which you can just copy paste from the official website of Bootstrap and to implement in your HTML code and you can build amazing websites.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is another very popular CSS Framework which is used to build amazing websites. With the help of Tailwind CSS you have to just implement the classes which are defined in the Tailwind CSS framwork and you can right thes class in your HTML code and can create a website within standing in the HTML code you do not need to go for create another style sheets or something like that you just have to put the classes of  Tailwind CSS in your HTML code.


Projects are the most important part of this journey. So after learning the CSS frameworks like bootstrap or Tailwind CSS you have to create some project, so that the skill of your creating website using CSS can be good. So with any CSS framework build some projects.


ReactJs is a JavaScript library and it is very popular and high in demand. The demand of React developer is increasing daty by day and with demand of ReactJs developer the salary of is also increasing. So if you want to master Frontend Web Development you must have to learn ReactJs. 

Because React is must to master as a frontend developer. Basically ReactJs is used to create our website with the help of reusable components because React is used to build our website with the help of component and these components can be used multiple times and they are created once.

And use multiple times components that's why you must have to learn React. Components makes the development is very easy for a developer to build website.


NextJs is a React based Framework which is used to create an amazing websites. It is an open source web development framework for ReactJs. And also the popularity of NextJs developer is increasing day by day, So as a front and developer you need to learn a javascript framework like NextJs.

But to learn NextJs you have you must have the knowledge of React JS because, Next JS is used to build server side rendering and to build static web applications. 

So now, you have to build also some projects using React and some projects using NextJs to master your frontend development skills. If you are good in these libraries and frameworks then the chances of get hired in a good company can be increase. So after learning these technologies you must build projects and also create the projects which you want to solve the real life problems.

So now the Question arises that we have to learn these technologies and where we can get the RoadMap means where we can get a good structured course to learn.

So if you are connect with raju_webdev don't afraid I am also providing some best courses for you which will help you in you frontend web development journey to become a successful web developer.

Here are the courses which you can access and can start your frontend web developer journey. And I want to make a request to you that please drop a comment that "This is helpful" or if you have any query also drop in comment section.

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