Memory and Its Types in Computer

Memory and Its Types in Computer, Geeks Help

In our daily life, we use our brain as memory, Just Like it, Compute use memory to store data or program on a temporary or permanent basis that are used in the computer system. A memory device in a computer system can contain only 1bit, O, or 1. It is the most essential element of the computer system.

Memory is one of the fundamental components of all computer systems.  To process any input data on the CPU(Central Processing Unit) the data must be stored on the memory device. In the computer system memory is divided into a large number of small parts, these parts are basically known as cells. And every cell or location in memory has a unique address.

Memory and Its Types

Computer memory are basically divided on the basis of their use. There are main three types of memory in a computer system, i) Primary Memory, ii)Secondary or Auxillary Memory, and Cache Memory.

1. Primary Memory and Its Types

Primary memory in the computer is known as the main memory. This memory is a volatile type of memory. This means the data and instructions are not stored permanently. But then these can store data and instruction only temporarily. And these memory devices have limited capacity.

The data in these devices losses in the case of power corruption or power off. This type of memory can store data when the computer system is currently working. These memory devices are made of semiconductor devices.

Types of Primary Memory

RAM (Random Access Memory) (Read Now)

ROM (Read Only Memory)

2. Secondary Memory and Its Types

Secondary memory in the computer system is known as Permanent, External or Auxiliary Memory. This is a non-volatile type of memory. This means it can store data permanently or in the case of power-off. 

Mainly, Secondary Memories are used to store data and information permanently and to use in the future. From the Secondary Storage devices CPU can not directly access data and information. To use data from secondary memory, firstly the data will be transferred to the main memory and then the CPU can access data. 

Types of Secondary Memory

Hard Disk
Floppy Disk

CD, DVD, etc

3. Cache Memory

Cache memory is very high-speed memory, who speeds up the CPU. This type of memory works as a buffer between CPU and Main Memory. It is faster than Primary Memor. Cache memory store that data which is already used by the CPU.

To run a program, the first CPU finds data of the program in cache memory, if it does not find it in cache memory then the CPU will access it from secondary memory and load it in RAM. So, the main purpose of cache memory is to speed up the CPU.

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