What is Cover Letter, Purpose of Cover Letter, How to Write, etc

A cover letter is a document that is attached with a Resume.  It is a letter of an application known as a cover letter. A cover letter provides a piece of additional information about your skills and experience to the interviewer.

A letter of application that means a cover letter describes why you are eligible for that job. A cover letter is another main part of your job application.

A cover letter tells the interviewer that for which job you are applying, and what makes you unique for that job, and why should an interviewer select you for that job. 

As well as a cover letter makes a good impression on the interviewer. If a person who are applying for a job and attaches a cover letter with his/her resume, he/she will be listed in the company for that job.

Even if a company doesn't tell for attaching a cover letter you should include a cover letter. It will give a good impression on the interviewer and it will show the company that you are putting some extra effort into your application. 

Purpose of Cover Letter

The main purpose of the cover letter is to find the right person for the right job in the company. A cover letter gives your interest and qualification for the job. It can be used when a job seeker is applying in a company 2nd-time job.

A cover letter provides your experience and skills to the job manager which you have. And a job manager uses it to get a sense of how the job seeker is fit for the job in their company.

And a cover letter gives the idea to the job manager that for which position in their company they can hire you if you are applicable.

Types of cover letters:

There are mainly three types of cover letters. These are:

1. Application Letter: An application letter tells about the opening job. 

2. Prospecting Letter: A prospecting letter inquires about possible positions. 

3. Networking Letter: A networking letter helps,  job searching and information requesting.

Importance of Cover Letter

A cover letter helps your job manager to easily know about you and your story.

A cover letter helps you to build a good relationship with job manager. Or on the other hand, we can say that is displays your personality to the job manager.

When you apply to a company with a reference at that point your cover letter describes your relationship with that person who referred you to get the job in their company.

Tips for writing a Cover Letter

i) Firstly you should read the description of the job for which you are applying. Because it gives a clear idea of your job and the company.

ii) You should give your most time to prepare a good or more attractive cover letter to give a different impression on the job manager. And don't use extra words or sentences which are not related to your job.

iii) Create a portfolio and attach it with your cover letter because it helps the job manager to easily know about your skills and experience.

iv) Make sure you are active on social media and you publish your post or content mostly related to your field.

Don't Use These Things In Cover Letter

i) Never use difficult words or sentences in your cover letter.

ii) Your cover letter should have 3 or 4 paragraphs.

iii) Don't say to the job manager to find your resume.

iv) Make sure which words or sentences you are using are correct and there is no spelling mistakes.

Paragraphs in Cover Letter

Make sure while writing a cover letter it should have minimum 3, or maximum 4 paragraphs. 

Writing 1st Paragraph

i) Your 1st paragraph describes your position where you are now and your intention towards the job.

ii) Make sure whiling writing the 1st paragraph it should be used to grab the job manager's attention.

iii) In the 1st paragraph give a reason to the job manager that how you are qualified for the job in their company.

iv) Don't make your cover letter boring.

Writing 2nd Paragraph

i) In the 2nd paragraph you should reveal your skills, experience, abilities, expertise, etc., or your fields which you have in your past or present.

ii) This paragraph will show about your work which you have for the company.

iii) You should highlight those expertise which you have and required in the company.

Writing 3rd or 4th Paragraph

i) The 3rd and 4th paragraphs will describe that how you will be a good person for the job and how you will help to grow the company if they hire you.

ii) Personally sign the cover letter and your sign preferably in blue ink.

iii) And if you can use then use sentences like Call to Action, by asking any question in these paragraphs.

Cover Letter Format

Free cover letter template Word, simple cover letter template free

Free Cover Letter Template Word (Download Now)

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