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What is Statement of Purpose?

A Statement of Purpose is also known as SOP. It is a letter which a candidate write to a university or college to get admission. Mostly a Statement of Purpose is written in foreign Universities or Colleges. This letter is written in a essay form, in which a candidate describes his/her passion, aim, etc. which helps to get the admission in the foreign university or college.

In this essay or in SOP the candidate explain life journey in short paragraphs or sentences. Also in this letter qualities, skills, passion are explained by a candidate briefly. Mostly a Statement of Purpose is written for the for the foreign universities. 

A Statement of Purpose describes, why to want to get the admission in a particular university for which you are writing this SOP or Also it describes about your course. And a SOP is an important letter which is submit with university admission form.

When SOP is used?

As we as discussed that a SOP is written to a foreign university or college to get admission. In which a candidate describe about his/her skills, interest and life goals, etc.

i) A Statement of Purpose is used to get admission in UG (Under Graduate) Course.

ii) Also it is written to get admission in PG (Post Graduate) Course.

iii) And a Statement of Purpose (SOP) is also written to get the admission in the Diploma, and other Courses.

How to Write SOP?

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is minimum written in 5 to 6 paragraphs. And this letter is written in 500 to 550 words. Every paragraph of SOP describes a different topic related to the candidate or his/her skills, aims, and goals.

And there is no rules about the paragraph in SOP, a candidate can write any paragraph after or before, any other paragraph. But keep in mind in start first paragraph with introduction and last paragraph with conclusion.

1st Paragraph (Introduction)

In the first paragraph a candidate describes about the fields or interest in which course/program he/she want to get the admission. This paragraph also describe about personal background or the Life Aim. And in this paragraph also describe about how the interest increase in that field?

2nd Paragraph (Background) 

In the second paragraph the candidate describes why he/she want to join that specific course/program. And describe about the academic information about the School and Institute. 

3rd Paragraph (Skills)

The third paragraph of SOP describes why a candidate pursue that particular course. And also discuss about the curriculum of the course. In this paragraph a candidate describe about the skills, hobbies or skills that fit for the course/program.

4th Paragraph (Experience)

The fourth paragraph of the SOP describe about experience, internship which a candidate have joined. And describe about what he/she learn from this. In this paragraph a candidate describe about the future plans which can be achieve by doing the course for which the candidate applying.

5th Paragraph (University & Conclusion) 

In this paragraph the candidate describe the features of the university why he/she choose. And describe how the university helps to get the desired Aim/Goals. 

And the candidate ask to get the admission in the university. And to get the opportunity to became a student of that university for which the candidate is applying.

Instruction/Tips for Writing effective SOP

i) While writing Statement of Purpose don't make any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

ii) Use simple words and simple sentences which are easily understandable.

iii) Explain your motivation towards you career.

iv) Make your SOP different from the other candidate which shows you a unique person for the university.

v) Write you SOP letter in good handwriting which is easy to readable.

vi) If you know any unique feature of university include in your SOP letter, which show that you are really interested to get admission in that university.

Statement of Purpose Notes PDF (Download Now)

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