What is Group Discussion? Purpose of Group Discussion, Advantages & more

Group Discussion

Group Discussion is an important activity in an organization, business, or in a company in which more than one person discusses on a particular topic or subject related to their organization. A group discussion is a systematic process of communication in an organization. 

Group Discussion is an important technique to share ideas and activities with the other person of the organization. In a group discussion all the people exchange their ideas, review or thoughts related to the given problem and find a better solution.

Purpose of Group Discussion

i) The main purpose of group discussion is to share ideas and thoughts with other people in the organization.

ii) Sometimes group discussion is used to train the people of the organization.

iii) Another purpose of  Group Discussion is to improve the confidence level of the people in the organization.

iv) Group Discussion improves the thinking and speaking skills of the person.

v) Another important purpose is to find the correct and optimized solution of the problem of an organization. 

Why Group Discussion is an important activity?

As a student of as a fresher in any organization Group Discussion is a very important activity because is help the new students of fresher to improve their confidence level, thinking ability, and to improve the listening and speaking skills.

Or a group discussion gives the chance to every person who is involved in the group that how they can express/share their ideas and thoughts with the other person related to the particular topic or problem.

Advantages of Group Discussion

i) Group Discussion improves the thinking and logical ability of the person.

ii) Group Discussion is done to get a deeper understanding of the subject or topic.

iii) It improve the confidence and speaking level of the person.

iv) Group Discussion provides different approaches to solve the given problem.

v) It gives an opportunity to hear the opinions of another person who are in the group.

vi) Group Discussion is an effective tool for decision-making and problem-solving. 

Skills which are judged in Group Discussion

i) Listening Skill

In a group discussion, your mentor or audience judges your listening skills, which means if people have any doubt do you listen to their doubt carefully and how you explain the solution of their doubt. 

ii) Communication Skill

You must have good communication skills to interact in a group. Because if you have good communication skills other people can easily understand that what about you are discussing. 

iii) Your Mind

Your mentor or your audience must judge that are you an open-minded person or not.

iv) Interaction

Your team member or your mentor will judge your interaction and behave with the people of the team or group. 

v) Problem-Solving Skills

Your problem-solving skills must be at a good level because the audience and group leader will select the person who has good problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

vi) Confidence & Attitude

Must join a group with full confidence and attitude which give you another level positive energy and you must look with a good attitude which gives you unique entity in a group discussion.

vii) Leadership Skills

In a group discussion, your mentor or leader will judge your Leadership Skills that means, can you easily handle a group of people or a team in any critical situation.

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