Management Applications of Operation Research

1) Allocation and Distribution in Projects

  • Optimal allocation of resources such as men materials, machines, times and money to projects.
  • Determination and deployment of proper workforce.
  • Project scheduling, monitoring and control.

2) Production and Facilities Planning

  • Factory size and location decision.
  • Estimation of number of facilities required.
  • Scheduling and sequencing of production runs by proper allocation of machines.
  • Transportation loading and unloading.

3) Programmes Decisions

  • What, When and How to purchase to minimize procurement cost.
  • Bidding and replacement policies.

4) Marketing

  • Advertising budget allocation.
  • Product introduction timing.
  • Selection of advertising media.
  • Selection of product mix.
  • Customer's preference of size, color and packaging of various product.

5) Organization Behavior

  • Selection of personnel, determination of retirement age and skills.
  • Recruitment policies and assignment of jobs.
  • Recruitment of employees.
  • Scheduling of training programs.

6) Finance

  • Capital requirements, cash flow analysis.
  • Credit policies, credit risks, etc.
  • Investment decision.
  • Profit plan for the company.

7) Research and Development

  • Product introduction planning.
  • Control of areas for research and development.
  • Selection of projects and preparation of their budgets.

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