Should I learn ReactJs in 2023

Hey there, welcome back again in new topic and this article we will discuss "Why you should learn ReactJs in 2023" and why ReactJs is so popular and also we will discuss that does a beginner should choose it or not.

Hugely Popular

JavaScript library ReactJs is very popular in these days and almost every company uses ReactJS to build their websites or Web Applications.

ReactJs is pretty spreading at high demand and every companies all needs React Developer. And day by day the popularity of ReactJs library is increasing.

Easy to Learn

ReactJs is easy to learn for beginners and it's syntax is clear and easily understandable for the beginners. ReactJs has clear and modern structure syntax and has large number of free resource online, which easy to learn the ReactJs for beginners.

Even after learning the basic concept of JavaScript you can learn ReactJS very easily. And it is highly popular in demand and in these days it is so easy which you can choose as your first library or framework.

Single Page Web Application

ReactJs is very popular to build single-page web applications. The webpage which build using with the help of ReactJs they are only single page web application that means the website will load one time in the user browser then the rendering of the different pages different components are done by Java script which is also used in ReactJs.

Encourage DRY

ReactJs is designed in such a way that it encourages reusable components, which make the development an easy for the developers and provides a good experince while developing web apps with Reactjs.. If we create one component we can use it multiple times whout rewrite the same code. But at the place of writing same code again we use the components in ReactJs which are reusable. 


As Reactjs is envolving everywhere, So it is also used in Web3. It plays and important role in the field of web3, it helps to build web3 web applications easily for the developers. ReactJs is the most common library framework for the front and of web3. So after learning ReactJs in 2022 you can create a good future in the field of web3. It open the door for the developers to build increaseable web3 opportunities.

React Frameworks

Reactjs is JavaScript library and it is very popular in demand so it have good combination collection of it's framework. There are some great react frameworks available such as Next.js and Gats.js,  which are definitely worth a look for fast browsing. Server-Side Rendering etc.Working with the framework developers we have a great experience in development of web apps.

Mobile Development

As we have read that ReactJs is increasing day by day and it's popularity increasing. And React is also used in the field of Mobile Development. React Native is the mobile version of React JavaScript and it has very few differences.

So you will be well equipped to switch from web development to mobile development with React. Everyone wants there Mobile apps as well as their Web

So you need to learn only one language and we have studied that js JavaScript. in JavaScript.

So with the help React Native, we can build amazing and worth it mobile apps.

Best Resources to Learn ReactJs

i) CodeWithHarry ReactJs (Visit Now)

ii) FreeCodecamp ReactJs Course (Visit Now)

iii) Clever Programmer Course (Visit Now)

iv) ReactJs Documentation (Visit Now)


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