iframe in HTML with Example

iframe in HTML

  • iframes are used to embed different pages on the current web page.

  • Mainly used to embed videos and advertisements on a single web page.

  • iframes are created using <iframe> tag.


<iframe src="URL" title="description" frameborder="0"></iframe>


i). src: Specify the URL of the web page that you want to embed.

ii). title: It is used to describe the contents of the frame.

iii). frameborder: It is used to draw a border around the frame.

iv). height: It is used to set the height of the iframe.

v). widthIt is used to set the width of the iframe.

vi). style: The style attribute is used to add custom style to the iframe.

Let's see an example of HTML iframes:

iframe in HTML example

<iframe src="https://www.geekshelp.in"
        title="Website for web developers and computer science students"
        style="border: 5px solid purple;">


iframe in HTML with Example

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