Top 10 Internship Websites for College Students

If you are a student or professional working who is trying to find internships to job opportunities and facing an issue that where from you can apply. So to solve this problem we are here with "Top 10 Internships Websites for College Students and Professional Working"

1) LinkedIn

It is the most popular and most trusted professional networking website for jobseekers and business people.

This website has a section that is fully dedicated to job searches. Where a job seeker can quickly look for internships or relevant jobs according to interest by applying different filters. 

It has a powerful AI feature that recommends relevant jobs and internships in the field once a user has completed their profile.

And another great feature of LinkedIn is Easy Apply. Which enables a user to send job application with just a single click. And the another great feature of LinkedIn is sending job alerts, internship alerts to the user according to their interests and the internships available in their areas of interest.

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2) Indeed

It is a job search platform that which have access of millions of different jobs and internship opportunities. On Indeed a user can search the job or internships according to their interest like, full-time, part-time, freelancing, internship, etc.

And Indeed also have different filter options for job search, like the title of the job, salary, location, etc. which helps a user to find the job according to their interest.

Like Linkedin, it also recommends the relevant jobs to the user. And a user can also directly contact the recruiters through chat features. On Indeed a user can save their CV so that a user can apply for any opening in just a few clicks.

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3) Chegg Internships

It is a website that is fully dedicated to an employment site for students. Chegg Internships collects the students and employers at one place. This website also provides tools and services for students to develop their skills by choosing an internship program.

This website also provides the browse internships according to the different categories. This website also gives an option to users to filter internships according to alphabetical categories or subject-wise.  And on Cheeg Internships a user (student) also searches for the internship according to their location.

Chegg Internships also helps a user to find Facebook friends to interact with the company in which you are interested.

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4) Internshala

Internshala is an online internship training platform which is based in Gurgaon in India. This website helps students to find internships in Indian Organizations. 

This website helps students to find internship opportunities according to their relevant skills and interests.  

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5) Glassdoor

It is also the most popular and global job search platform. It also provides different options and tools to the user which helps a user to get the job according to their choice. It also helps to find internships and job opportunities in almost every field.

At Glassdoor, a user can get insights of the organization and the hiring process or the organization by checking the reviews on company profile by their previous employees who left that organization.

This website also has a great feature which is its Interview Questions section. Which helps students to prepare for interviews. In which the students are trained for the interview before the recruitment process.
It also offers easy apply option like LinkedIn and career advice.

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6) Idealist

Idealist is a non-profit most popular organization for finding jobs, and internships. If you want to look for an internship in a non-profit organization, then Idealist is a better option for you which will help you to find internships all around the world.

This website has a different section for finding internships where you can find internships according to your skill, or interest.

This website also has various filter options like location, interest, salary, organization, language, etc.
And Idealist also sends job alert to throw email which is relevant to your interest and skills.

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7) Mediabistro

It is another popular career website that focuses on the media industry. This website helps media talent to connect with various companies.

This website offers different online courses, webinars, and much more which help new jobseekers to get insights into their relevant fields.

This website also has different filters to find specific jobs and internships.

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8) Global Experiences

It is also the most popular and trusted international internship website.

This website provides different on-site and virtual internships at different locations in various programs.
And this website is an international internship website that helps new job seekers and students to find internships all around the world and the student can easily choose their internships according to their skills and interests. 

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9) InternQueen

This website provides internship opportunities to young people who are struggling to get internships and jobs. This website helps students to connect with employers.

It provides information on different internship programs and jobs which are recently opening. If you are a student who is looking to find an internship, then InternQueen is specially for you.

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10) InternAbroadUSA

If you are a student of professional working who is trying to find internship and job opportunities in a foreign country then this website is made for you. 

This website helps students to connect with recruiters of the company that matches their expectations. It also offers fast job visas.

The Team of InternAbroadUSA helps to prepare for job interviews and gives advice for preparing resume and CV.

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