Should I learn Python or JavaScript in 2023

Hey as you know this question comes into many people's minds while choosing a programming language “Should I learn JavaScript or Python”. And I guess this question also came into your mind that’s why you are here.😁

Because these days both Python and JavaScript are the most popular programming languages and most in use. So in today’s article, we are going to discuss which language you should choose as your programming language. So let’s start with Python:

Why You Should Learn Python:

As we know that Python is a very popular programming language these days. And it is easy to learn and the syntax of python is very simple and clear. And it can be easily understood, even a school student can easily learn python.

Python is a more powerful and versatile programming language. And it is often used for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Analysis, and Back-end Web Development.

If you're interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning then Python can be the better choice for you. And python also has large community support and so many libraries and frameworks available for python.

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Why you should learn JavaScript:

JavaScript is another popular programming language mainly used in Frontend Web Development, Backend Web Development, and Building servers. So, if you’re interested in web development then JavaScript can be the best way to go.

Like Python language, JavaScript is also easy to learn for everyone and it has large community support. And is much easier to find a Front-end Developer job with JavaScript knowledge. And JavaScript is mainly used to create interactive user interfaces.

And if you want to learn web development then you must know JavaScript. Like python, javascript has so many web frameworks and libraries like ReactJS, Angular, etc.


So the point to choosing a language is “What You Want to Build”, and the “Field in which you want to Build Your Career”, mainly depends on your specific interests and goals as a developer/programmer. And there is a huge job market for both languages. So you can pick anyone from Python and JavaScript and can start your journey. 

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