HTML Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

20 HTML MCQ Question with Answers

1. Which HTML tag is used to define abbreviation?

2. Which HTML tag is used to show/hide details of summary tag?

3. Which tag is basically used to render text in italic?

4. Which HTML tag is mainly used to draw graphics on a web page?

5. Correct syntax to set border on HTML table:

6. Which attribute is used for row span in HTML tables?

7. Which HTML attribute specifies that where the linked content will be opened?

8. How we can link phone number using HTML anchor tag?

9. Correct way to specify the name in HTML input element?

10. Correct syntax to disable the input field from the user side?

11. Which one is the correct syntax to set the initial value to the input field?

12. What are the Semantic Elements in HTML?

13. What are the block Elements in HTML?

14. HTML block elements takes:

15. What is the use of HTML entities?

16. Where the favicon is displayed?

17. Which HTML tag is used to add favicon on web page?

18. Which HTML tag is used to show keyboard key?

19. Which HTML tag provides autocomplete feature?

20. Which HTML tag is used to define header section of a table?

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