HTML MCQ Questions Online Test

15 HTML MCQ Question with Answers

1. What is the current version of HTML?

2. Explain the purpose of <title> tag?

3. What are the formatting tags in HTML?

4. What is absolute URL?

5. What is a button tag in HTML?

6. What is the use of an image map in HTML?

7. What is the purpose of the alt attribute in an HTML image tag?

8. XHTML stands for__________

9. Correct HTML element for the largest heading in HTML?

10. Which character is used to indicate an end tag in HTML?

11. Which HTML element is used to create a numbered list?

12. What is the correct syntax to create a text input field in HTML?

13. What is the correct syntax for creating text area in HTML?

14. Which HTML attribute is used to specify an alternate text for an image

15. Which HTML element is used to specify a footer for a document or section?

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