Text Formatting in HTML

What is Text Formatting in HTML?

  • In HTML Text formatting tags are used to format the text on webpage.

  • With Text Formatting we can bold, italic, underline, etc. the text.

  • Text Formatting is manly used to display the text in a special type.

1). Bold

This tag is used to make the text as bold text.

<p> In the paragraph <b>This is bold</b></p>

Output: In the paragraph This is bold

2). Strong

This tag is also used to bold but it is used to give more importance to the text as compared to bold text. And it also helps in SEO.

This is <strong> Special strong text </strong>

Output: This is Special strong text

3). Italic

This HTML tag is used to make the text italic.

<i> This is an italic text </i>

Output: This is an italic text

4). Emphasized

<em> defines the emphasized text. The text within <em> tag interacts like the <i> tag. But it give it a meaning to be emphasized text.

<em> This is emphasized text </em>

Output: This is emphasized text

5). Underline

This tag is used to underline the text.

<u> Text with underline </u>

Output: Text with underline

6). Delete

The <del> tag is used to define the deleted text. Basically, this tag is used to place a line in the middle of the text.

<p> In my paragraph <del> This is Deleted </del></p>

Output: In my paragraph This is Deleted

7). Insert

<ins> defines a text that has been inserted into the document.

<p> This is an <ins> inserted </ins></p>

Output: This is an inserted

Code Described in the video

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
    <title> Text Formatting in HTML </title>
    <p>Lorem <b>ipsum dolor</b> sit, amet <strong> <del>adipisicing</del> elit.</strong> Excepturi ipsam labore similique in <i>delectus</i> iste <em>praesentium</em> accusamus doloremque <u>consectetur </u>saepe!</p>

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