10 Navigation Menu using HTML CSS and JavaScript Example

Hey here, I am providing 10 different types of Responsive Navigation Bars which you can create using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And I will also provide the source code of these navigation bars. So if you want to use these navigation bars you can just copy and paste the code in your files. So here is the list of 10 Navigation Bar using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

10 Navigation Menu using HTML CSS and JavaScript Example

1. Basic Responsive Navigation Bar

Create a Simple Horizontal Navigation Bar which will collapses into a hamburger menu when it is on smaller screens and display all the navigation link on the big screen.

Source Code: Click Here

2. Vertical Sidebar Menu

Create a simple sidebar menu which expands or collapses when a user interact with it, and which suitable for admin dashboards and more.

Source Code: Click Here

3. Dropdown Menu

Create a navigation bar with dropdown menus. In this menu their must be sub-navigation links or menus which you can also use as mega-menu in this dropdown menu.

Source Code: Click Here

4. Tabbed Navigation

Create a tabbed navigation bar which switches content based on user clicks. Click Below for source code.

Source Code: Click Here

5. Mega Menu

Create a navigation bar with a mega menu which contains various categories and subcategories. In this you can also use images for subcategories and also can create category of subcategories.

Source Code: Click Here (CodePen)

6. Sticky Navigation

Create a sticky navigation bar using HTML CSS and JavaScript, which will stay at the top of the screen when the users scroll down the page.

Source Code: Click Here (CodePen)

7. Full-Screen Overlay Menu

Create a full-screen overlay navigation menu which display all the navigation links on the full screen when user click on the button.

Source Code: Click Here (CodePen)

8. Hover Navigation

Create a simple sidebar menu same as Vertical Sidebar Menu which will expands or collapses when a user hover on the hamburger.

Source Code: Click Here

9. Fixed Bottom Bar

Create a navigation bar which is fixed at the bottom of the screen, this type of navigation are commonly seen in mobile apps.

Source Code: Click Here

10. Image-Based Navigation

Create a navigation bar and use images or icons instead with text for navigation items to create a visually appealing menu.

Source Code: Click Here (CodePen)

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