Python Projects for Beginners [A Comprehensive Guide]

If you are a beginner and want to learn any programming language so for you the best way to learn a new programming language is to build projects with learning.

So, if you are beginner and just started learning python then I have created a list of 30+ beginner friendly projects for you in python which will help you to enhance your python skills as a beginner.

And, I want to inform you that don't just copy paste these projects directly from the internet. Instead search these projects on Google or YouTube and then learn how you can build these projects on your own. So let's start with these projects without wasting any time. Here is the list of Python Project for you.

Python Projects for Beginners [A Comprehensive Guide]

Beginner Level

1. Calculator

Build a simple calculator using Python which perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This calculator will take the input from the user and perform the operations.

2. To-Do List App

Create a task manager application in which the user can add, remove, and mark tasks as completed. This is the simple way to practice user input and data storage.

3. Guess the Number Game

Build a game in which the computer generates a random number, and then the player has to guess it.  In this project you can also add a hints functionality. Which provide hints to guide the player for the generated random number.

4. Hangman Game

Create a classic word-guessing game using python language. In this game, the computer selects a word, and then the player tries to guess it by suggesting letters one by one. A set number of incorrect guesses results in a loss.

5. Dice Rolling Simulator

Create a simple rolling dice game. And also display the results on the user's computer screen. In this game you have to implement random number generation technique. And it is the best way to practice random number generation.

6. Currency Converter

Create a currency conversion tool which will take input from the user as a currency and then converts that currency between different currencies. To implement this you can use currency conversion API.

7. Basic Alarm Clock

Create a simple and easy alarm clock application which will allow users to set alarms. In this application you can add a functionality that when user sets alarm then he/she will receive notifications when the alarm time is reached.

8. Unit Converter

Like the currency converter you can also create a tool which converts various units like length, temperature, and weight.

9. Random Password Generator

Create a tools using Python which will generate secure and random passwords for the users. In this tool you can allow users to specify the length and complexity of the passwords. 

10. Quiz Game

Create a quiz game using python which allow users with multiple-choice questions and keep track of user's scores and provide feedback on their performance so that the user can improve their skills or knowledge based on their performance.

11. Simple Chatbot

Create a basic chatbot application in python which can answer questions or engage in simple conversations with the user.

12. Weather App

Create a weather app in python which will fetch and display current weather information for a specified location that is entered by the user. And this application will display the weather information of user's location using an API . In this application the user have to enter a city or coordinates, and then the app retrieves weather data based on the user's input.

13. URL Shortener

Create a URL shortener using Python programming. This application will take long URLs and generates short, unique links for sharing. In this application users can enter a URL, and it will returns a shortened version of the URL to the user.

14. Web Scraper

Create a web scraper using Python which will extract data from websites, like news headlines, product prices or other information from web pages.

15. Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Create a Tic-Tac-Toe game in Python for two players. In this game players take turns marking a 3x3 grid, and the first to get three in a row wins.

Intermediate Level

1. File Organizer

This python tool will help the users to organize their files by moving them into designated folders based on file type. For example, images go in one folder, music go in another, documents in another, and so on.

2. Basic Blog

Create a platform where the users can create and edit posts. In this you can also add features like comments and user authentication and more. This python project is best for Intermediate developers to enhance their coding skills.

3. Hangman Game

Create a text-based version of the hangman game using Python. In this game the players guess a hidden word letter by letter. And to make it more attractive and engaging you can also add a word list for more variety.

4. Note-taking App

Build a text-based note-taking application using Python which will allow the users to create, edit, and  organize notes. You can also add the functionality for the users to save their notes to files.

5. Simple E-commerce Store

Create a simple e-commerce website where the users can browse products and add them to a shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.

6. Email Slicer

Create a Email Slicer using Python which will split an email address into its username and domain name components. This Email Slicer is a simple utility program.

7. Movie Recommendation System

Create a python program which suggests movies to users based on their preferences and ratings. For this you can use a basic recommendation algorithm or dataset to suggest movies to the user.

Advanced Level

1. Basic Calculator with GUI

Build a simple calculator with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) using python library like Tkinter or PyQT. This adds a visual element to the calculator.

2. Simple Paint Program

Create a simple paint application using python which allow the users to draw and color shapes on canvas. In this application you can add some drawing tools like brushes, pencils, colors, erasers and more. In this application you can also add insert image functionality.

3. Basic Chat Application

Build a simple chat application using python which allows the users to send or receive text messages to each other within a local network. And in this application you can use sockets for communication. This python application is best for Python Developer to enhance their coding skills.

4. Personal Portfolio Website

Create a Personal Portfolio Website using Python it serves help you to showcase your projects and skills. In this project you can use Python as backend and in this you can use python web framework like Flask or Django.

5. Expense Tracker

Create a Python Application for tracking and managing expenses, including income and spending. In this application the users can input income and expenses, and then categorize them, and view summaries.

6. Task Scheduler

Create a task scheduler application using Python which will allow the users to set reminders and notifications for specific tasks or events. In this Task Scheduler application the users can set due dates and receive alerts.

7. Weather Forecast App

Create a weather forecast application using Python which provide weather data for multiple locations based on the user input. In this application you can use the APIs to fetch current and forecasted weather information.

Hey, thanks for reading this till the end. In this I covered all type of python projects for beginners, intermediate and advanced developers. I hope these python projects are suitable for you to level up your Python skills. As you progress, you can also choose projects from different levels to challenge yourself and gain more experience. All the best 🎯

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