What is Keyboard in Computer


Keyboard is the main input device in computer system. It is used to enter the text and numeric data. And it looks like a typewriter. And a computer keyboard is a peripheral input device. And a keyboard is the most basic way to communicate with a computer. A keyboard consists of multiple keys including, numbers, letters, symbols, and some other special keys for performing additional functions.


Types of Keys in Keyboard of Computer

There are different types of keys on the keyboard and these are alphabet keys, number keys, special keys, function keys, navigation keys, multimedia keys and cursor control keys.

1. Alphabet Keys

Alphabet keys contains all the alphabets from A TO Z or a to z. In this Capital or Small alphabets are included.

2. Number Keys

The numeric keys from 0 to 9 are included in the Number keys. These keys are shifted in right side of the keyboards and number keys also available on the top of alphabet keys. 

3. Special Keys

Special keys the the keys which are used to perform special purpose. The special keys on keyboard are: Caps Lock Key, Num Lock Key, Shift Key, Enter Key, Space-bar Key, Tab Key, Escape Key(Esc), Backspace Key, Delete Key, Control Key, Print Screen Key(PrtScr), Scroll Lock Key, Pause Key and Modifier Key

4. Function Keys

Functions keys on keyboard are from F1 to F12. And these keys are shifted upon alphabets on the keyboard. And these keys are used to access limited number of functions. And each keys has a different function it depends on the Operating System and the software you are using. 

5. Navigation Keys

Navigation keys are used to perform specific navigational functions. These keys are up, down, left and rights. And these keys are shifted at the right side of alphabets keys and left side of number keys.

6. Multimedia Keys

Multimedia keys are used to perform multimedia operations. These keys are mostly shifted at the top of the keyboard. And multimedia keys contains play, pause, volume up, volume down, mute, next, previous keys to perform actions on the multimedia. 

7. Cursor Control Keys

Home: The Home key will put the cursor at beginning of the line.

End: The End key will put the cursor at end of the line.

Page Up: Page Up key will move up one page.

Page Down: The Page Down key is used to move to the next page.

Types of Keyboard in Computer

Standard Keyboard is used by most of the computer users. But there are also many types of keyboard in computer and these are:

1. Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard are made with high-quality which are commonly used in home and office. This type of keyboard are designed for long life with high durability. Mechanical Keyboard has individual mechanical switches for each key. Mechanical Keyboards are mostly used by gamers and typists.

2. Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboard are connected to computers, laptops or tablets without any cables. Wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth technology, Radio Frequency and Infrared to connect with computer devices. Wireless keyboard provides portability and flexibility to the users. And user can move the wireless keyboard in the room without having to put it on a desk. 

3. Flexible Keyboard

Flexible keyboard are made of soft silicone with highly portable. The flexible keyboard are connected to the computer via a USB. This type of keyboard are water and dust-resistant. And also this flexible keyboard does not require any constant cleaning. Flexible keyboard does not make any sound when used, so the Flexible Keyboard is also called a silent keyboard.

4. Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboards are software-based keyboard which enables uses to enter or type data into the computer without any physical keys or keyboard. Virtual Keyboard is an alternative keyboard of a QWERTY keyboard. And the keys of this keyboard are virtual. Smartphones, Tablets and some other portable devices are the common devices which contains virtual keyboard. And Virtual Keyboard also have an option to insert emojis, stickers and GIFs.

5. Gaming Keyboard

This type of keyboards contains some few specific keys which is used for gaming. In gaming keyboards W, S, A, D and arrow keys are mainly used for games on the QWERTY keyboard. And gaming keyboards are mostly mechanical keyboards and these keyboards also contains simple and RGB lights.

6. Projection Keyboard

In projection keyboards, the image of a virtual keyboard is projected onto a surface. And this type of keyboard can be connected using Bluetooth to the PC, Mini PC, Tablet, Smartphones. And in Projection Keyboards, keystrokes are registered and when a user touches any key with fingers which are shown on the surface the key is pressed.

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