What is Computer Characteristics

Computer: A computer is a man-made electronic make that takes input from the user, processes it, and gives the desired output to the user.

Characteristics of Computer System

Characteristics of Computer System

Characteristics of the computer that makes computer powerful, easy to use, and make useful for all the world. There are different types of characteristics of a computer depending on its size and specifications. But the most common characteristics of a computer system are Accuracy, Speed, Versatility, Diligence, Automatic, Power of remembering, Storage Capacity, Reliability, Multitasking, Quick Decision, No I.Q., and feelings.

1. Automatic

A computer is an automatic machine that works by itself without any human interaction. But computers cannot start themselves and cannot find out problems and solutions. We need to instruct a computer using coding that specifies how it will do any work.


2. Speed

A computer is a very fast machine and can perform any task within a few seconds as compared to a human being. If a human being worked day and night and did nothing else. On the other hand, a computer can do it in a few seconds.


3. Accuracy

With automatic and speed a computer is a very accurate device and computers cannot make errors on their own but the errors are caused by humans, not by computers. It can perform any calculation with the same accuracy up to last.


4. Versatility

Versatility is the most wonderful and powerful feature of a computer. It means that a computer system has the ability to perform different kinds of tasks at the same time with accuracy. For example, one moment it is busy on preparing a presentation, and the next moment it is busy on preparing other tasks.


5. Diligence

Diligence is the other most powerful feature of computer systems. Unlike, a human being a computer is never tired, with no lack of concentration and haziness it can perform any task for a long period of time. with the same accuracy and consistency.


6. Storage Capacity

Computers are capable of storing an enormous amount of data and instructions. And with the increasing speed of a computer, it can retrieve data within a second.


7. Power of Remembering

With day-to-day life, the storage capacity of a computer is increasing and it can retrieve any data within a second from the millions of data. 


8. Reliability

When we get any data from a computer it is reliable. But it will give the correct and reliable result when it gets the correct data.


9. Multitasking

Multitasking is another most popular feature of computers. It can perform different types of tasks at the same time. Like if we are using Chrome with this we listen to music, play games, and even we can do more tasks.


10. Quick Decisions

Quick Decision means a computer system takes a quick decision within a second given by a user. 


11. No I.Q.

A computer system has no intelligence on its own. The I.Q. level of a computer system is Zero. A computer only performs only those tasks whose instructions are given to the computer. It can not take its own decision.


12. No Feelings

A human being has feelings for different situations but a computer system doesn't have any feelings or emotions. With the day to day life, human beings whereas taking judgments, feelings, tastes, and knowledge but the computer cannot make these things their own. A computer only makes judgments based on instructions that are being given in the form of programs that's been written by a programmer (Who writes instructions for a computer system).

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