Modeling and Simulation with Examples


Modeling is a process of creating a virtual or animated model of the Physical or Real World System Model

* Modeling optimize the design ability of the user designer.

* It helps us to reduce the cost and time of creating a System Model.

*This helps us to create an Animated or Virtual Model representation of the Real-World System Model.

* Mathematical equations are used to represent the properties or dimensions of a real-world model.

* All three-Dimensional applications including CAD/CAM and animation Software perform Modeling.

* Animated Model has the same or approximated same structure as compare to the original System Model.

* With the help of this mathematical equation Modeling Software creates virtual or animated System Models.

* It takes all the physical dimensions or Properties of the Real World System Model as input and produces a virtual or animated Model.

Examples of Modeling

1). Users can rotate and zoom to get a clear idea of the dimension of the ship.

2).  When we need to build a ship we can create few models of it and find the best solution.

3). Modeling System take all the dimension or properties of the ship and create a 3-Dimension visualization of the ship.

4). But this is not possible in the absence of Modeling System because we cannot build Several Ship and select one in real.


Simulation is an effective technique of studying and analyzing the behavior of the Real-World Model over an imaginary System Model by imitating it on a Computer Application.

* Due to this animated or virtual systems behave like the real-world model.

* In simulation all the properties of the Sub-System or System Model are analyzed.

* After analyzing all the properties are connected Similarly in Real-World System Model.

* Simulation introduces all the behavior of the Real-World System Model into animated or Virtual System Model.

* Simulation enables the user to predict the behavior of the real-world system by using an animated or Virtual System Model.

* MATLAB, SimScale, Arena, etc are Simulation Software. Which imitating the behavior of real world model into an animated System Model.


1). Now, the animated Model of Ship behaves like an actual Ship Model.

2). Chance in one property of ship can affect the other properties also.

3). This change can be easily observed with the help of animated Ship Model.

4). Simulation System analyses the behavior of properties of a ship and introduces or Simulate it into the animated Model of Ship.

5). Now, the user can change the properties such as speed, weight, etc., and observe the effect of these properties on the stability of the ship, which is not possible with the actual ship.

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