Computer Hardware, Software and Firmware

Computer Hardware, Software and Firmware

What is Hardware?

Hardware is the physical parts of the computer which we can see, touch and feel. These are the main electronic devices that are used to build a computer system. 

Basically, hardware will give the output to the user using the software. To produce output in a computer system hardware and software must work together. 

Examples of Hardware: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Memory Devices, CPU(Central Processing Unit), etc.

What is Software?

Software is a set of programs that are used to perform a specific task. It tells to the hardware of the computer system what to do. Mainly software process the data into information.

We can use the software only for performing any task. And A computer system can do anything on its own, we need to give instructions to it for performing any task. 

Examples of Software:- Paint, MS Word, Photoshop, Typing Master, etc.

What is Firmware?

Firmware is the combination of hardware and software. A Firmware is an instruction program on the hardware it tells to the hardware how to communicate with software.

The firmware provides the necessary instructions that how to communicate with other hardware of the computer system. Typically a firmware is stored on Flash ROM.

Difference Between Hardware and Software


  • Hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer system that can see, touch and feel.

  • It can not do any task without software

  • Any hardware cannot be affected by viruses.
  • Hardware cannot transfer through the internet from one place to another place.
  • Hardware is manufactured in manufacturing companies.
  • This part of the computer can be replaced after damage.
  • Mainly hardware has four categories: Input, Output, Storage, and Internal Parts of the computer system. 


  • It is a set of instructions that used to perform any specific task
  • The software cannot be executed without hardware.
  • The software can be affected in the presence of the virus.
  •  But, It can transfer from one place to another using Internet.
  • Software are created by a programmer or engineer.
  • It can be reinstalled after damage.
  • This can be divided into Application Software, System Software, and Programming Software.

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