What is Technical Writing, Purpose, Examples, etc.

What is Technical Writing

A technical writing is a way to explain any topic to the end user. And a technical writing is a clear or efficient way to explain any to by the expert of a particular topic to a learner.

Sometimes most of the people think it is all about science, technology and engineering but that's not reality. So at the end we can say a technical writing a way to explain any topic to the learner by the expert in an easy or efficient way.

Technical Writing is written for the end user by an organization to describe all the technical aspects of the product or service. It is kind of a written statement. And a technical writing helps the end to explain any complex topic in an easy way.

Examples of Technical Writing

  1. Reports
  2. Manuals
  3. Process Writing
  4. Policy Manuals

Purpose of Technical Writing

i) Main purpose is to explain any topic to the learner by the expert.

ii) It is written to a reader/learner to explain complex topics in easy way.

iii) Technical Writing is written communication between the subject expert and the learner.

iv) It is written for the end user by a company to explain product and service details.

Characteristics of Technical Writing

i) Clear

Technical Writing must be clear. And all the sentences and paragraphs in technical writing should be clear which makes easy to understand for the user.

ii) Structured

While writing a Technical Writing keep in mind it should be organized in a good way. Which helps user to read every instructions one by one/step-by-step.

iii) Straight-Forward

A Technical Writing should be straight forward means which explain the specific topic to the point.

iv) Easy to Understand

A Technical Writing should be easy to understand. And in Technical Writing don't use the words or sentences which are complicated to understand for the user.

v) Errors

In Technical Writing don't make any grammatical or word mistakes.

Types of Technical Writing

i) Reports

ii) White Papers

iii) User Manuals

iv) Technical Guides

v) Scientific Papers

vi) Training Manuals

vii) Business Reports

viii) Product Descriptions

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