What is Report Writing, Importance, Purpose, Principles, etc.

Report Writing

Report writing is a formal style of describing any specific topic for the specific audience. A report contains the information about an event, function, on some situation. So a document which provides the some useful information about any event is called report.

And a report is written in past tense, because a report describes the information about any event which is already happen.

A report writing is the formal style of describe any topic in briefly.  And a report is written on specific topic for the specific audience. A report can cover many topics but in most of the cases is written for the specific topic or audience. A report can have 1 to 2 sentences in present but other sentences must be in past tense.

Importance of Report Writing

i) Report provides the important details about any specific topic which helps in future for the decision-making.

ii) Reports help to keep track on the process of the business or an organization.

iii)  Reports help an organization to easily recognize the work.

iv) Report is use to collect the important information on specific topics or related to the specific topic.

v) Reports are used in a business by the managers to control the activity of the business.

Types of Report Writing

i) Long/Formal and Short/Informal Reports

ii) Internal and External Reports

iii) Informal and Analytical

iv) Vertical and Lateral

Purpose of Report Writing

i) Reports are used to analyze the past records of any business or organization.

ii) Reports are used to analyze the problems and issue of an organization.

Advantages of Report Writing

i) Reports provide an exact and up-to-date information about specific topic.

ii) Reports help of a business in decision making and managers use for internal uses.

iii) Reports help managers to solve the problems faced by the company.

iv) Reports keep the records and provide the valuable information to the managers to re-use in future.

Principles of Report Writing

The terms or points which are required for writing a good and quality report are:

i) Accuracy

Report should be accurate, correct, and totally free from mistakes, and errors. 

ii) Completeness

A report should be complete and should provide accurate and to the point information. While writing a report the writer keep in mind that don't share or explain half information of any topic. 

iii) Selective

A reports must be for the proper or specific audience. And should mention for which person or audience the report is written.

iv) Clarity

A report should be clear and their is no word include which are inconvenience for the audience or don't use the paragraph or sentences which are not related to the report.

v) Simple

Report should be simple and easy to readable for the audience and don't use complicated words in the reports.

vi) Easy to Understand

A report must explain in easy way which is easy to understandable for the audience. And never use complicated sentences or paragraphs in the reports.

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