What is Technical Description? Types, Purpose, How to write & more.

Technical Description

Technical Description is a type of document written for the end-user to explain how the product is made in the company, its process, and the concept work of the product.  Basically, Technical Description is written to give the overall view of the product. It gives the full details about a product and product description, components, and functions of the product.

A Technical Description can be short or long but most of the time based on the product and the functionality of a product. Mainly written to explain about the product and overall view to the end-user. 

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Using text, images, graphs, charts in a Technical Description helps the end-user to easily understand about the concept & purpose of the product.

In some cases, a Technical Description can include videos contains text, images graphs as well as audio which make it easier to understand the concept of the product to the end-user. Because from the video Description the end-user can easily know all concepts of the product by the animation.

Types of Technical Description

Technical Descriptions are mainly divided into two types. Product Description and Process Description

1. Product Description

Product Description gives an idea that how a product looks, its purpose and features of the product. And a Product Description is a structured format or a document that provides the overall information and details of the product.

2. Process Description

Process Description is totally different from Product Description. Process Description explains the making process of a product. This type of document is written for those who want to know how a product makes, the mechanism that how the product works.


Purpose of Technical Description

i) Written for the end-user to provide the additional information: like purpose, feature and use of the product.

ii) This type of document is written to describe step-by-step information about the product.

iii) It provides process details, working concepts, how to use a product and much more.

iv) Technical Description is written to clearly define the goals of the product.

How to write a Technical Description

Writing a Technical Description and Writing an Interactive Description is another thing. So write a good and interactive description for the end-user which is enjoyable while reading. Here so steps to writing a good and interactive Technical Description:

what is technical description, What re the types of technical description, technical description example pdf, technical description assignment, how to write a technical description, geekshelp, technical communication skills

1. Know Your Audience

While writing Technical Description is you should know about the audience of the product which helps to better explain about the product. It is the first & important step to write your technical description.

2. Describe end Result

Explain to the end-user about the product that how it is valuable and how they can get benefit from it. When the end-user really knows that what to expect from that description, then the buying process of the product goes up.

3. Gather Information

Gather the necessary information related to the product for your Technical Description. For which product you are writing a Description collect all the information which help to write a good or valuable Technical Description.

4. Remove Unnecessary Details

The end-user read the Product Description to get the details of the product. So while writing a Description don't overload it with extra information. A Technical Description writer must include information that is only related to the product.

5. Make Interactive

An image is good than 100 words, So use images, graphs, videos, charts, diagrams to make an interactive description that is convenient to the end-user and the user enjoy it while reading. 

6. Error & Edit

Before publishing the Technical Description must read it and check that the complete description is good and there is no error. And in a description don't make any grammatical error, and don't use sentences that are not convenient to the end-user.

7. Keep Updating

When you change or add any new features to your product, then you should update your Technical Description. And don't forget to update your Technical Description time-to-time.

Technical Description Notes PDF (Download Now)

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