Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

Hi, geek are you curious about to know the popularity of programming languages for 2022 or want to choose programming languages to learn in 2022. So we have collected the Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022 from the different articles, websites, and websites that provide the details of the popularity of programming languages.

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1. Python

Python Language was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. But currently, Python Language is still Trending for a long period of time. It is almost used in every field like Machine Learning (ML), Data Science, Web Development, Desktop Applications, etc. And Python Language is a very Popular Language World Wide


i) It is a very simple, easy to understand, and beginner-friendly programming language.

ii) Python Language has a Large Number of Libraries.

iii) It is an Open Source Nature Programming Language.


i) Python consumes expensive Memory.

ii) It is not suitable for Mobile Development.

iii) It consumes extensive memory so the speed of python programs are not very fast.

2. Java

Java Programming Language was developed by Sun Micro-systems in the 1990s. This programming language is very popular for many years. Java is mostly used for all kinds of Mobile Applications, Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Client-Side Scripting, etc.


i) Java is simple and easy to understand.

ii) Java is less complex than C and C++ Programming Languages because complex features are removed.

iii) It is Platform independent which means Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) Java Code.


i) Sometimes it is slow and gives poor performance to the user because of expensive memory consumption.

ii) Java Language has some complex syntax which are difficult to understand.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is used to develop Mobile Applications, Web Games, Client-Side Scripting and Server-Side Scripting, etc. It is currently in top trending programming languages and is mostly used in worldwide. JavaScript is basically used to manage the behavior of web pages. JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995.


i) It is used to build Amazing Front-End Web Designs and Web Pages.

ii) JavaScript is used on the Client-Side and Server-Side.


i) JavaScript has lack of Client-Side Security.

ii) Each browser interprets JavaScript code differently.

4. Swift

Swift Programming Language was developed by Apple in 2014. It is used to develop Native iOS and Mac OS Applications. Swift is a General-Purpose and Open-Source Programming Language. This programming language is easy to learn and understand.


i) Swift is easy to read, learn, and write.

ii) The syntax of Swift is very simple and required very less code for doing the task on which other programming languages use large code.

iii) Applications developed using Swift Programming Language consume less Memory and Provide Good Performance).


i) It is developed in 2014 so this language is new and it can use only for new iOS.

ii) Swift Programming Language is not perfect as of now (2021-22).

iii) This Language has Limitations with respect to native libraries.

5. C/C++

C and C++ are Low-Level Programming Languages mean these are close to the Hardware, And the Programmer can easily manage the memory of the system. These programming languages are very old programming languages but these days C and C++ have good popularity. 


i) These are close to the hardware and easily can memory management.

ii) C/C++ are portable and platform-independent Programming Languages.

iii) These are very old languages so these programming languages have good community support.

iv) Main advantage of C++ is the feature of OOP includes Classes, Inheritance which makes programs reliable.


i) C++ programs become very complex for large of High-Level Programs.

ii) C++ Language doesn't have any security which is its major disadvantage.

iii) These Programming Languages don't support garbage collection.

6. PHP

PHP is a General-Purpose programming language developed by Rasmus Lerdorf 1994. It is mainly used in web development and used as Server-Side Scripting Language. PHP is a powerful language for making dynamic and interactive web pages and it is an Open-Source Programming Language.


i) PHP is easy to learn and understand for beginners.

ii) PHP is a fast language and does not use extra system resources.

iii) It is an old language so it has powerful libraries and good community support.


i) PHP is Open-Source so anyone can see the source code of it.

ii) Due to the lack of debugging tools for PHP, So error handling is a difficult task.

7. Ruby

Ruby is a General-Purpose and High-Level Programming Language popular in these days. It is developed in the Mid-1990s by Yukihiro "Mats" Matsumoto and it is use for building Web Applications. This programming language is similar to Python Programming Language and easy to learn and use. 


i) Code of Ruby Programming Language is clean and easy to understand.

ii) This Language is fully secure and full of protection.

iii) It is coming form a long time so it have good community support.


i) It is not flexible Programming Language.

ii) Ruby have slow runtime speed which is its major disadvantages.

iii) Ruby Language do not have good documentation so finding easy and good documentation for Ruby is hard.

8. C#

C# is known as "C Sharp" developed by Microsoft in 2000. It is used for Desktop Applications, Web Servers, and Web Applications. 


i) C# is created by Microsoft so it have a great community support.

ii) It is easy to learn and debugging.

iii) C# have rich class libraries and functions which are easy to implement.


i) C# Language is less flexible.

ii) This Programming Language mostly depends on .net framework.

9. Objective-C

Objective-C is another popular programming language developed by Brad Cot and Tom Love in 1980s. This programming language is used for creating the software for OS X and iOS. This programming language is called super-set of C language because this language contains classes and objects. And it is a High-Level Programming Language.


i) After learning Objective-C you can understand How a GUI of Windows Systems Works.

ii) This language is compatible to C an C++.

iii) It is super-set of C, So C and C++ Code runs smoothly on this.


i) This Programming Language is hard to learn and it is different from many other Programming Languages.

ii) It is hard to learn so developers of Objective-C are very less.

iii) This Language is not much secure.

10. Type-Script

Type-Script is builds on JavaScript and designed or developed by Microsoft in 2012. It is builds on JavaScript so it is super-set of JavaScript. This language is used to developed JavaScript Applications for Client-Side and Server-Side execution.


i) It doesn't required developers to read and write extensive documentation.

ii) Type-Script run on any browser where JavaScript can run.

iii) It support Strongly Typed or Static Typing.


i) Type-Script doesn't support abstract classes.

ii) It took long time to compile the code on browser.

iii) Type-Script is not flexible as JavaScript itself flexible.


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