Best YouTube Channel for Web Development in India

Hello Geeks, welcome to another post on Geeks Help. In this post, I will discuss the "Top 5 YouTube channels" or the "Best YouTube Channel to learn Web Development in India" which you should follow to learn web development and other Programming Languages in 2023.

And in this post, I am going to provide the resources and links of these channels from where your can start your coding journey.

So don't worry about anything you will get the link below this post which will help you to go to direct to the channel with one click.

And also you can find some project videos on these channels which will help you in the future to develop projects.

So let's discuss these Best Top 5 best YouTube channels for Web Development

Best YouTube Channel for Web Development in India, Best YouTube channel to learn programming in India, Best YouTube channel to learn coding for beginners

1. CodeWithHarry

CodeWithHarry is one of the most popular and trending channel in the field of programming. This channel is run by Harris Khan who is known as CodeWithHarry. On this channel, you can learn almost every language which you want to learn.

Like there is a Complete Tutorial on C Language,  C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, and much more. And CodeWithHarry also provides and uploaded videos on the coding discussions. These videos are very helpful to solve the problem of the beginner programmer that which way they should follow to Become a Good Programmer.

CodeWithHarry - YouTube Channel

CodeWithHarry - Website

CodeWithHarry - Raplit

CodeWithHarry - GitHub

CodeWithHarry - Instagram

2. Apna College

Apna College is another popular YouTube channel in the field of programming and college-related activity. This channel is currently run by Shradha Khapra and created by Aman Dhatarwal who is the Founder of Apni Kaksha.

And on this channel Apna College, Shradha Khapra (Shradha Didi) uploads videos related to college preparation, internships, jobs, and more related to programming. On Apna College Channel you can access courses related to C++, Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

On this channel, you can also get tutorials related to Bootstrap and ReactJS.

Apna College - YouTube Channel

Apna College- Website

Apna College- Instagram

3. Thapa Technical

Another YouTube channel related to Web Development is 'Thapa Technical' this channel is run by Vinod Bahadur Thapa. He creates video content mainly related to Web Development. And he had done his complete playlists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Advance JavaScript.

On the Thapa Technical YouTube channel, you can also get videos related to ReactJS, NextJS, Figma, Bootstrap, PHP, Tailwind CSS, and much more.

Vinod Bahadur Thapa also has his own website which is Thapa Technical where you can get the resource files of the source code of the YouTube video tutorials.

He had also completed HTML CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, and Tailwind CSS Projects Playlists which are very helpful for beginners to build from simple to advanced projects.

Thapa Technical - YouTube Channel

Thapa Technical - Website

Thapa Technical- GitHub

Thapa Technical- Instagram

4. Harshit Vashisth

Harshit Vashishth mainly creates videos related to HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more. He had completed a course on HTML CSS and JavaScript where he explained from beginners level to advanced.  And all the courses are combined it playlists which are very easy for beginners to learn.

And he had also done some videos on JavaScript Mastery in which he started the Tutorial of JavaScript from the Basic to Advance Level. So you can go through this channel to learn Web Development.

Harshit Vashishth- YouTube Channel

Harshit Vashishth- LinkedIn

Harshit Vashishth- Website

Harshit Vashishth- Instagram

5. Yahoo Baba

Yahoo Baba is another popular channel in the field of web development. In my web development journey, I also have a good experience with this channel and learned so many things. That's why I want to recommend you Yahoo Baba YouTube Channel to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP, and many more languages.

On this channel, you can also access these courses in the playlist section to learn step-by-step.

Yahoo Baba- YouTube Channel

Yahoo Baba- Website

Yahoo Baba- Instagram

I hope these YouTube channels are very helpful for you and you will definitely share this post with your friends or fellow programmers to learn something new. If you found that this post is helpful for you then please put a comment "This is helpful" in the comment section of this post. 


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