HTML5 MCQ with Answers

20 HTML MCQs with Answers

1. In ordered list data is show in a_________.

2. Which type of lists are used to represent data like a dictionary?

3. Correct syntax to insert an image in HTML document?

4. Which tag is used to define options in a drop-down selection list?

5. HTML tags are enclosed within:

6. Which HTML tag is used to create table rows?

7. Which HTML tag is used to create a horizontal ruler?

8. What are the types of unordered list?

9. Correct way to create a lists in HTML with lowercase letters?

10. Which HTML tag attribute is used to define the inline styles?

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11. Which HTML tag is used to create paragraph?

12. What is the correct extension of HTML document?

13. Which of the following HTML tag attribute is used to add link to any element?

14. What HTML tag is the root tag of HTML document?

15. Which of the following are the attributes of HTML tag?

16. How we can define comments in HTML ?

17. Which HTML tag is used to create this given output? H2O

18. Correct syntax to add internal styles on HTML tag?

19. Which HTML tags is used to specify a section that is quoted from another source?

20. How many heading are available in HTML?

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  1. 3rd question answer dobule quote missing.


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