What is Mouse in Computer?

A mouse is a small hardware device that serves as an input and pointing tool. It is held by the hand and used to control the movements of the cursor on a computer screen. It enables users to select and move files and folders on their computer.

The mouse requires a hard, flat surface to function properly. When users move the mouse, the cursor moves in the same direction as the display screen. The name "mouse" comes from its size, as it is a small, oval-shaped device that resembles a mouse.

The mouse typically has two buttons (left button and right button), a scroll wheel, and a ray sensor. They are used to move the cursor on the screen, select objects, and click on buttons.

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Uses of Mouse in Computer

Mouse is used for various purposes in computers and these are

  • It is used to move the cursor on the screen.
  • The mouse is used to select objects.
  • The mouse is used to click on buttons.
  • It is used for dragging and dropping.
  • The mouse is used for scrolling.
  • The mouse is also used as a pointer on the screen.

Parts of Mouse and Its Function

1. Buttons

The mouse has two buttons the left button and the right. The left button is the typical (Primary Button) click button while the right button is used for more options.

2. Wheel

The wheel is located in the middle of the left and right buttons. And it is used to scroll the documents up or down.

3. Cable/Connector

This is used on the wired mouse to connect the mouse to the system unit. For a wireless mouse, no cable is required to connect to a computer system.

4. Ball

This was used on the old types of mouse. They were used to give the coordinates of the cursor at any particular time. It was linked to a sensor to detect the mouse position.

5. LED or Laser

They generate light, which is used to assess the position of the mouse to control the cursor movement.

6. Mouse motherboard

It carries the mouse processor and other electronic components. It sends and receives signals from the computer motherboard to enable the mouse system to transmit.

Types of Mouse in Computer

1. Wired Mouse

A mouse controls the pointer or cursor on a display screen. A mouse can move across a flat surface; hard is a small object. The term comes from its design, which looks like a mouse, the wire that can be imagined as the mouse's tail, and the fact that you will skip on a floor. The display pointer moves in the same direction as the mouse.

2. Trackball Mouse

A trackball is a pointing device made up of a ball held by an attachment holding sensors that detect the rotation of a ball about two axes, similar to an upside-down ball mouse with an exposed stick-out ball. A trackball controller is handled in one hand, similar to a remote control, instead of a controller.

3. Stylus Mouse

It’s a mouse-to-mouse cross, “mutation cursor.” The mouse style, recommended by digital artists, has the size of a very fat brush, commonly for free-hand drawing by machines. Some higher-end mice are also given to the impact of paper brush strokes.

4. Optical Mouse

An optical mouse is a computer mouse that uses an LED light and optical sensor to detect movement and translate it to the cursor. An optical mouse makes use of a miniature camera and digital image processing to detect movement relative to a surface.

5. Laser Mouse

The laser mouse is an optical mouse type, and the operating instructions are the same – to sense movement through light reflection. However, as the name implies, a laser mouse uses an LED as alternatively of a laser beam. because of the different light characteristics, the mouse can essentially be used on glass and plastic surfaces, although it is not practical.

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