JavaScript Features and Advantages

In this post, we are going to understand the special features and advantages of JavaScript. And before that, we will take a look at JavaScript 🔥

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Javascript is a popular programming language. And it is used to create interactive web pages. Javascript works like a brain on any website because it is used to add additional functionality to the website. And JavaScript has many open-source libraries. And it is easy to learn for beginners and the syntax of javascript is very simple.

Initially, it was used on Frontend Development but now these days we can use JavaScript on Both Frontend as well as Backend. Now let's take a look on "Features of JavaScript"

Features of JavaScript

i) Easy to Learn: JavaScript is easy to learn and the syntax of javascript is very simple. A programming beginner can choose JavaScript as their first programming language.

ii) Light Weight: JavaScript is a light-weighted and interpreted language. And it's not a compiled language, so the source code never changes to byte code before running time. And it can be easily run in low-end because of its lightweight feature.

iii) Case Sensitive: JavaScript is a highly case-sensitive programming language, which means that the identifiers, keywords, variables, and function names must be written with a consistent capitalization of letters.

iv) OS Support/Cross Platform: It is supported by several operating systems including, Windows, macOS, etc.

v) Control Statements: It has control statements like if, if-else, if-else-if, switch case, and loop. Which helps users to write complex code using these control statements.

vi) Client Side Validations: It allows developers to create form validations on input fields. This feature allows client-side validations which allow users to submit valid data on the server during a form submission.

vii) Object-Oriented: It is an object-oriented programming language, which means that it uses objects to represent real-world entities and concepts.

viii) Browser Support: All popular web browsers support JavaScript as they provide built-in execution environments.

ix) Functional Programming: JavaScript supports functional programming like Closures, Recursion, and Higher-Order functions.

x) Dynamic: JavaScript is a high-level and dynamically typed programming language, which means that the type of a variable is determined at runtime, rather than being specified in the code.

Advantages of JavaScript

i) Fast Speed: JavaScript is mostly executed on the client side so the execution of JavaScript is very fast.

ii) Browser Compatible: This is the biggest advantage of JavaScript is that it supports all modern browsers and it can execute on any browser and produce the same result.

iii) Easy to Learn: JavaScript is easy to learn. Anyone who has basic knowledge of programming can easily learn JavaScript.

iv) Server Load: It reduces the load on the server as it executes on the client side.

v) User-Friendly: JavaScript is used to create interactive web pages and to make user-friendly websites. And it also provides drag-and-drop functionalities. And gives the power to make rich interfaces.

vi) Popularity: JavaScript is a very popular programming language because it is used almost everywhere in Frontend Development, Backend Development, Mobile Development, and more.

vii) Large Community Support: JavaScript has a large number of active developers community who share knowledge, and best practices, to find the solutions of problems easily.

viii) Continuously Evolving: New features in JavaScript are continuously evolving and improvements are increasing regularly. So it will be a relevant and powerful language for many years.

ix) Complete Development: We can use JavaScript on the servers through Node.js. So it is possible to develop a whole JavaScript app from Frontend to Backend using only JavaScript.

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