What is Base Class Library (BCL) in .NET


The Base Class Library (BCL) is a sub-part of the framework that provides library support to common language runtime. And it is primarily developed by using C# language. And it includes the System namespace and core types of the .NET framework. The Base Class Library is also known as .Net Framework Class Library (FCL)

The Base Class Library (BCL) has a rich collection of library features and functions. And the main specialty of this library is that it can be consumed by any .NET language.  It provides a set of reusable types, collections, classes, interfaces, and other components that are commonly used in .NET applications.


i) BCL is the main point of interaction between the developers and runtime.

ii) This library provides the namespaces that are frequently used.

iii) It Encapsulates a large number of functions to make them easily accessible.

iv). BCL is the Foundation of .NET framework application controls. 

v) The BCL is the library of classes, interfaces, and value types.


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