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What are the 10 basic HTML Tags Explain with Example

In this post, we are going to take a look at the Top 10 Basic HTML Tags. If you master these 10 tags then you will be able to develop a basic and nice website.

In this post, I have a list of the 10 Most Popular HTML Tags which I found that are the most used HTML tags.

Top 10 HTML Tags Explained with Example, Geeks Help

1. <h1>...</h1> to <h6>...</h6> - Heading Tags

These are the heading tags from <h1> to <h6>. These tags are used to create Headings, Subheadings, and Minor-Headings on the web page. 

2. <p>...</p> - The paragraph tag

This is a paragraph tag which is used to group the text into a paragraph. Hence the purpose of this tag is to separate a part of text or paragraph. 

<p> </p>

3. <br> - The break tag

In an HTML document, the <br> tag is used to add a line break. 


4. <div>...</div> - The division tag

This HTML tag is used for division. The <div> tag divides a significant part of an HTML document from other parts. And it is mostly used to group more than one elements in a single element.

<div> </div>

5. <section>...</section> - The section tag

The <section> tag is used to define a section in an HTML document. It basically defines the section of a document such as headers, chapters, footers, or other sections. And the <section> is a semantic element.

<section> </section>

6. <img> - The image tag

The <img> tag is used to add images on HTML document. And it uses a attribute src  which defines the path or the source of the image. 

<img src="">

7. <span>...</span> - The span tag

The <span> tag is used to add specific style on the text. It is used when we want to style a specific text in inside a sentence.

<span> </span>

8. <li>...</li> - The list item tag

It is list item tag which is used to create a list item. This tag is mostly used within <ol> and <ul> tags.

<li> </li>

9. <ol>...</ol> - The ordered list tag

The <ol> tag is used to create an ordered list. By default, the list are created numerically using <ol> tag.

<ol> </ol>

10. <ul>...</ul> - The unordered tag

The <ul> tag is used to create an unordered list. This tag is used to create bullted list.

<ul> </ul>

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