Pointing Device in Computer

What is Pointing Device in Computer?

In computer system a pointing device is a type of input device which allow the users to interact with computer by moving a cursor on the monitor screen to select icons and take desired actions. And a pointing device allow the users to interact with Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). 

Pointing Device in Computer

Types of Pointing Device in Computer

Here are the some mostly used types of pointing devices in computer


Mouse is the mostly used pointing input device in computer system. It mainly have three buttons (Left, Right and Scroll). Mouse is used to handle the motion of pointer on the screen and it is a popular pointing device. And sometimes it can can it's cursor shapes depending on the task.


Trackball is the alternative of mouse. It is used to move pointer in desired direction. And trackball is used in laptops to control the cursor. And mostly trackball is used in CAD/CAM and Medical Field.

Touch Panel

Touch panel is another pointing device which is sensor type device. It interact with a computer by touch on a screen. And a Touch Panel is also known as touch screen or touch monitor.


Joystick is another pointing device type of input device. A joystick is used for playing games and it works as a trackball. And a joystick looks like a stick and it has a small boll at it's top.

Light Pen

A light pen-pointing device looks like a pen which is used for drawing pictures on the screen. A Light Pen is also one of the most important pointing devices. It is mostly used while taking online classes or creating online courses to point the specific topics or words.

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