What is Bar Code Reader in Computer

What is Bar Code Reader in Computer?

A barcode reader is a hand-held input device that is used to capture and read the information contained in a barcode. It is also called a price scanner or Point-of-Sale (PoS). A barcode reader is made up of a scanner, a decoder, and a cable that connects the reader to a computer or POS system.

What is Bar Code Reader in Computer

A barcode reader uses optical sensors to read printed barcodes. Barcodes are machine-readable codes made up of parallel lines with different widths and spacings. These codes express data visually and machine-readable.

Barcode readers are categorized into two main types and these are:

Pen-Type Scanners

These are handheld devices that users drag over the barcode's surface. A light source and a photodiode are housed in the pen's tip. The sensor detects the reflected light as the pen goes across the barcode, and the device decodes the information.

Image Scanners

Image scanners use a small camera to capture the image of the barcode. After capturing the image it is processed by software to decode the information. Image scanners can be handheld or fixed.

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