What is OMR in Computer

What is OMR in a Computer?

OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader (OMR). It is a technology that allows a machine to recognize marks made on a paper form, such as checkmarks, mark sheets, tickets, and bubbles. OMR is used to gather information from paper forms quickly and properly, making it perfect for high-volume data collection. And it gives less than 1% error.

What is OMR in Computer

Application of OMR

Here are some of the applications of OMR:

1. Surveys

2. Examinations

3. Election

4. Evaluation and Feedback Form

5. Banking and Insurance Applications

Advantages and Disadvantages of OMR in Computer


1. It can scan and read OMR sheets in less time.

2. OMR takes less than 5 milliseconds on an average check.

3. Users can use any type of mark like squares, ellipses, and circles.

4. It can be a cost-effective solution for an organization when they are dealing with a high volume of data.

5. OMR systems are designed to be highly accurate.


1. If there is large text data it can be missed.

2. It is preferable only for multiple-choice questions.

3. OMR is primarily designed to detect marked responses.

4. It is most effective only for objective or multiple-choice questions and it may no be suitable for subjective assessments or qualitative data.

The Function of OMR in Computer

Here are some functions of OMR:

1. Data Collection: OMR is commonly used for collecting data from surveys, multiple-choice examinations, and other applications.

2. Efficiency: OMR is a highly efficient technology for processing large volumes of data or forms quickly.

3. Accuracy: OMR technology gives less than 1% error so it is designed to be highly accurate in interpreting marked responses.

4. Speed: OMR technology is also known for is speed of processing documents and give accurate data.

5. Cost Effective: OMR can be cost-effective compared to manual data entry or other automated data collection methods.

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