What is Daisy Wheel Printer ?

The Daisy wheel printer is an impact character printer. It is similar to a typewriter. The Daisy Wheel Printer has a print wheel with a series of petals is called a daisy wheel printer. 

Each petal of the daisy wheel contains a character. A motor rotates the wheel and a hammer strikes a petal against the ribbon when the relevant character reaches the position on paper. This prints the character on the paper.

What Is Daisy Wheel Printer

Uses Of  Daisy Wheel Printer

Daisy wheel printers were commonly used for several purposes and these are: word processing, printing documents, and generating compatibility.

Daisy Wheel Printer are frequently found in offices, libraries, and businesses where high-quality text printouts were required. Caused by their ability to produce professional-looking documents, they were also popular for printing letters, invoices, and other important paperwork.

In addition, some models of Daisy wheel printers supported limited graphics capacity, allowing users to create simple logos or graphical elements.

Advantages of Daisy Wheel Printer

A daisy-wheel printer has certain advantages

  • It assembles high-quality printouts with accurate and clear characters. 
  • It is quiet compared to other impact printers, making it suitable for office environments.
  • Daisy wheel printer can hold a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses.
  • It is reliable and requires very little maintenance.
  • It allows for easy replacement of the daisy wheel, making it appropriate when you need to change fonts or characters.
  • It is cooperative with various computer systems, making it versatile in terms of connectivity.

Disadvantages of Daisy Wheel Printer

  • The printing speed of the daisy wheel printer are very slow.
  • Daisy wheel printer cannot print graphics.
  • Daisy Wheel Printer produces deformation of paper printing.
  • It prints a limited number of characters.
  • Daisy Wheel Printers are slower than DMP (Dynamic Multi-Pathin).
  • Daisy wheel printers are very noisy compared to other printers.
  • It is more expensive as compared to DMP.

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