Introduction to C Language


It is the way or we can say it is a medium for all of us that helps us to communicate with computer systems. As we as in daily like we use "English", "Hindi", "Urdu", and another language to communicate with each other, So the Programming is the way that is used to deliver our instructions or commands to the computer system.

And all the computer programming languages have their own syntax. The most popular programming languages are C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, etc.

What is C Language?

It is the most popular and oldest programming language, that uses these days in the field of computer programming. And this language is a general-purpose programming language. Mainly this programming language is developed to create an operating system. And this language is a high-level programming language.

And in C language memory management is very easy for a programmer(who creates logic and writes code for a computer system). It was developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T's Bell Laboratories in 1972. 

Characteristics of C

1). Speed

C language is fast programming language because a programmer easily handles memory management. And the execution of C programs is also fast.

2). Portability

Portability means we can use our C program on any other computer system and also can compile our program on a different compiler.

3). Easy to use

C language is easy to use, very simple, and it is a very powerful programming language. And this programming language provides a structured approach and it has libraries with rich functions.

4). User Friendly

User-friendly means if a programmer writes any code in C programming, and he/she share their code to his/her fellow programmer is should be understandable.

5). Case Sensitive

Case sensitive means in this programming language all the different characters have their different means.
Like if we write int a, int A, So in this int a has its different meaning and int A have different.

6). Recursion Functions

It the process of calling a function itself. Recursive functions are the most powerful and popular functions in C language because with the use of recursive function we can call itself at many times.

7). Memory Management

In C language memory management is an important feature because we can allocate free memory by using free() function in C Programming Language.

8). Structured Programming

C language is a structured programming language because we can divide our c program into functions. Which helps us to write efficient or clean code.

What are the Uses of C Programming Language

1). Mainly C language is used to create operating systems like, Windows, Linux, and another operating systems. 

2). As we use drivers in our computer system when we install new hardware to the computer so the drivers programs are mostly written in C Language.

3). C language is used while creating OS and games because at this point we want to run our games or OS system very quickly.

4). In computers, we want the output very quickly so most OS are created using the C programming language.

5). It is used in database systems because some user wants the result from a big database very quickly.

6). Most of the database systems are written in C programming like MySQL.

7). It is used to develop other programming languages.

Basic Structure of C Program

 #include <stdio.h>
  void main()
  printf("Learn with Geeks Help"); here i am testing this page to discuss about C programming language

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