Process Writing : Its Stages, Purpose, Advantages, & more.

Process Writing

Process writing is an approach to writing the steps or the procedure to achieve any specific goal or complete a task. And process writing is the process to make real life model of an idea. 

Process writing provides a way for the product that how the people can make product or can achieve their specific goal step by step.

Examples make everything easy, so let's take an example and know about it with an example. Let's assume that one person or any organization wants to achieve a specific goal, so what are the steps or process which they use to achieve their goal, so writing about these steps or this process statement is called Process Writing.

Purpose of Process Writing

i) It break down big task into smaller parts, which are easy to do.

ii) It gives the chance to do the things one after one.

iii) And another purpose of Process Writing is to achieve the things in less time.

Stages of Process Writing

Process Writing is different for everyone or person to person. But everyone follow some stages or steps for process writing which helps to give a good structure while writing the Process Writing.

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i) Pre-Writing

In first stage everyone decided that what about they are writing. And in this stage of process writing everyone explain their ideas and thoughts what they want to include in their text of process writing.

ii) Research

In the second stage of the process writing everyone research about their topic and gathers the correct information. 

iii) Draft Writing

In this stage all the members writes their full first text for the goal. And explain their ideas through text for their goal. All the members while writing first draft make sure that each paragraph have focus on particular topic.

iv) Revision

In the revision stages it gives the chance to make changes, add or remove the paragraph from their draft paragraph. And in this stage must check that every sentence and paragraph gives the clear idea about which you are describing.

v) Editing

It is the final stage of process writing, and in this stage the main focus on the structure of sentence. In this sentence make sure your words and sentences are convenience to the user and their is no grammatical mistakes. 

Advantages of Process Writing

i) Process Writing give a potential to reach a specific goal.

ii) It makes things easy, to work for them by following a specific process or steps.

iii) Process Writing helps to structure or organize the things.

iv) It makes everything easy to under-stable.

v) Process Writing gives the chance to do the thing in less time.

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