How to become a Full Stack Web Developer in 2023

Hey, geeks welcome again in today's article, and in this article, we will discuss "What is Full Stack Web Developer" and "How to become a Full Stack Web Developer in 2023" step by step using JavaScript as your main programming language.

And also we will discuss the types of web developers. So there are three types of web developers Front-End Developer,  Back-End Developer, and Full-Stack Developer.

Let's discuss about these three types of web developers.

First, we will discuss what is Front-End Developer

full stack web developer roadmap 2023

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Front-End Web Developer

Frontend developers basically focus on the interface of the website that how the website will look like. A frontend developer creates the functionality of the website which show to the user on their device basically frontend developer designs the user interface of any website.

Frontend developer uses Frontend Technology like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, and other frontend library and frameworks. So the main focus of frontend developers is to maintain the interface of the website and create a good-looking and interactive website for the user.

Back-End Web Developer

Backend developer create the backend of a web application or a website, which takes the data from the user and works on the server or backend and helps Frontend Developers to create dynamic websites with means that "A website that will interact with the database".

Backend Developers do not focus on the design of the website. But the backend developer focus on that how the data will be received from the user and how the data will be store on the server.

Full-Stack Web Developer

As the name suggests Full-Stack Developer that means the developer who focuses on both FrontEnd or Backend. This means a Full-Stack Developer creates a fully functional website, which is a Dynamic website.

A Full-Stack Web Developer focus on both FrontEnd and BackEnd, So a Full-Stack Web Developer writes code for the designing or user interface of the website and the backend of the website. That how the data will be stored on the database or on the server and How it will give the response to the user.

After knowing all the types of web developers now we will discuss How you can become a Full-Stack Web Developer in 2023

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HTML is an essential part of web development. And HTML  is the first step in the journey of web development for Full-Stack Web Developer. If you want to become a Full Stack Web Developer then you should have to good knowledge of HTML.  Basically, HTML works as the backbone of web development because HTML is used to create the structure of any website. So to become a Full-Stack Web Developer firstly you should learn HTML.

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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is used for designing of the website or the layout of the website. CSS defines that how the website will be looks and where are the element will be take place so basically CSS is used to add the design in any website.

With CSS we color the font of the text, manage the font-size, font-style, and much more with CSS. Basically with CSS we defines the layout or design of the website.

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JavaScript is a programming language which is used in web development to add the functionality in any website basically with the help of JavaScript we create dynamic websites.

Mainly JavaScript is like a human brain that how a human brain functionality for human body and JavaScript is used to add functionality for the website.

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NodeJS is a Javascript runtime environment. It is used to execute javascript on the server. And NodeJS is not a programming language.  And it is used for server-side programming.

NodeJS is basically used to create backend API services.

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Express is a NodeJS open-source web application framework that is used to build powerful web applications.

Express is used to build single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications. It helps to create web applications easily and fastly. And it saves a lot of time to build full-stack web applications.

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MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database management program these days. It is an open-source document database. 

MongoDB uses Collection, Document, Field, and Database terms to store user's data. It stored the data as JSON-based document. And it is easy to learn and a fast database. 

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Note: You can also learn Git, Github, SEO, Web Hosting and Domain, etc. to level up your skills. These are extra skills to become a web developer but these play an important role in the journey of a web developer.

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