30 Days 30 Projects JavaScript

If you want to improve your JavaScript skills. Then you can take a 30 Days JavaScript Project challenge. In this challenge you will create 30 JavaScript Projects in 30 Days and this can be a fun and challenging way to improve your coding skills. So here I am giving you 30 JavaScript Project Ideas to improve your skills. 🚀

30 Days 30 Projects JavaScript

1. To-Do List App

Create a web-based To-Do List web application. It is a simple application which allows users to Create, Manage, and Organize their tasks. This is a great project for beginners for learning the basics of JavaScript and Web Development.

2. Weather App

Create an weather app which will display the current weather based on the user's input. This Weather App will allow the users to check the current weather conditions for a location they specify in the input field. It is also an next level project for learning How to make API requests and handle data in JavaScript.

Source Code: Click Here

3. Calculator

Create a simple calculator web app with basic arithmetic operations in JavaScript. This calculator project involves some basic arithmetic operations which used to perform some basic calculations. This Calculator project is also an excellent way to practice JavaScript for handling user input and performing calculations based on the user input.

4. Countdown Timer

Create a countdown timer using JavaScript for a specific event. The Countdown Timer project contains creating a web-based countdown timer which will allow the users to track the time remaining until a specific event or a deadline. This project is also a great way to learn about JavaScript timers and date manipulation.

Source Code: Click Here

5. Random Quote Generator

Create a web application which is used to display some random quotes. This Random Quote Generator  will displays different quotes including inspirational, motivational, etc. and these quotes will change randomly on the user's screen. This Random Quote Generator project is a simple project which introduces you to working with APIs and dynamic content and also with the Math.random() function.

Source Code: Click Here

6. Tip Calculator

Build a Tip Calculator for restaurants. This Tip Calculator project involves creating a web-based application which calculates tips for users at restaurants or other service-oriented businesses. This project is for beginners which given the practical learning on how to perform calculations and providing a helpful tool for users.

7. Basic Blog

Create a simple blog website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This basic Blog project contains different options for the user where they can write, edit, delete and publish blog posts. This project is an excellent way to learn about content management and web development.

8. Quiz App

Create a quiz application with MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). This Quiz Web App project involves an interactive web application which allows users to take online quizzes and check their scores based on their answers. It is also an amazing project for learning how to manage user interactions and handle data.

Source Code: Click Here

9. Drawing App

Build a simple drawing application using JavaScript. This Drawing Web Project involves creating a web application which allows users to draw on a digital canvas. This project is a creative project for beginner to improve their skills and it introduce interactive graphics and user-generated content for beginners to learn more about Canvas and JavaScript.

Source Code: Click Here

10. Password Generator

Build a password generator using JavaScript which allow users to creates strong passwords. This project is a practical for enhancing online security and learning about randomization in programming. And this project will also help beginners and intermediate to learn more about JavaScript. And it will also help to improve their coding skills.

11. Currency Converter

Create a currency converter with exchange rates using JavaScript. This Currency Converter project involves creating a web application which allow users to convert currency values in different currencies. This project will help you to understand data exchange and calculations in JavaScript.

12. Recipe Finder

You can also build an app which finds recipes for the users based on ingredients. This Recipe Finder project will help users to find recipes based on ingredients they have on hand. And is is also a practical project for beginners to improve their JavaScript skills.

13. Simple Game

Build a simple game just like Tic-Tac-Toe. This Simple Game project will allow you to create a basic game using JavaScript. You can also build various basic games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Snake, Pong and more. These projects will defiantly help beginners to improve their learning of game development fundamentals.

14. Note-Taking App

Create a web-based note-taking application. This Note-Taking App project will allow users to create, edit, update and organize notes. And it also help users to store the notes on their devices. And this project help beginners to learn the concept of data storage and user interaction in web applications.

Source Code: Click Here

15. Pomodoro Timer

Create a Pomodoro Technique Timer. This Pomodoro Timer project help users to manage their work and break sessions efficiently. And this project is also a practical project for beginners to improve their coding skills by implementing next level JavaScript concepts.

16. Chat Application

Build a basic real-time chat application using JavaScript. This Chat Application allow users to send and receive messages in a chatroom. And create an interactive interface between sender and receiver. Like other projects is also an amazing project idea to improve the coding skills as beginner. It teaches you about real-time communication and user interaction.

17. Calendar App

Create a calendar with event scheduling using JavaScript. This web app allow users to set reminders, schedule events, and manage their time. This project is useful for beginners for learning about event management and user organization.

18. Image Slider

Build an image slider or image carousel to improve your coding skills by creating projects. This Image Slider project will display a sequence of images in a slideshow or a carousel format. This project will teach you about image handling and user interface design.

Source Code: Click Here

19. Music Player

Build a simple online music player using JavaScript. This Music Player will allow users to play, pause audio tracks. And this project is enjoyable project for beginner and it introduces you audio handling and user interface design of a music player.

20. Animated Navigation Menu

Create an animated navigation menu using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This Animated Navigation Menu project focuses on enhancing the user experience by adding visually engaging transitions and effects to website navigation.

Source Code: Click Here

21. Google Maps Integration

You can also integrate Google Maps into your project. And learn how it works to improve your coding skills. And you can also some some other functionality in this project. This Google Maps Integration project involves integrating a Google Maps into a web application.

22. Graph Plotter

Create a graph plotting tool using JavaScript. This project will allow users to input data and generate visual graphs or charts based on their inputs. This project is helpful for beginners for learning data visualization and understanding graphing libraries or frameworks.

23. RSS Reader

Create an RSS feed reader using JavaScript. The RSS Reader project will aggregates and displays content from RSS feeds. And this project is useful beginner to enhance their coding skills for developing a tool which can fetch and organize blog posts, news, articles, blog or other content from various sources.

24. Interactive Resume

Create an interactive online resume using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This project will help you to showcases your skills, experience, and portfolio online. It's an great opportunity to present your professional background in a visually engaging and dynamic format.

25. Expense Tracker

Create a web app for tracking expenses of the user. This project will help users for tracking their income, expenses and budgeting. This project will come the the personal finance management category. And this project is best for beginners to learn about data handling.

26. Social Media Share Button

Create social media sharing functionality buttons using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.. This project contains multiple sharing buttons like Facebook, Instagram, Threads, WhatsApp, X (Twitter), etc. This project will allow users to easily share content with their social media networks.

Source Code: Click Here

27. User Authentication

Create a JavaScript project by Implement user authentication. This project will enable users to register, log in, and manage their profiles, which is fundamental for many web-based services.

28. Location-based App

Create an app which uses geolocation. This project will uses the geolocation data to provide location-based services or information to the user. This project will also help beginners to learn the concept of geolocation and help them to improve their coding skills.

29. Tic-Tac-Toe AI

Build a Tic-Tac-Toe game with AI to enhance your skills. This project involves your problem solving skills using JavaScript. And It is very helpful for beginners to level up their skills. So, if you are a beginner then must build  a Tic-Tac-Toe AI game using JavaScript.

30. Portfolio Website 

Create a personal portfolio website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to showcase your projects and skills. In this project you can share some information about you, your skills, your education, your project and much more. You can also send this project to the hiring recruiters if you are applying in any company.

Source Code: Click Here

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