Project Ideas using HTML CSS and JavaScript

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i). Simple Calculator

The calculator is a basic and easy project for every beginner to build their first javascript project. In this JavaScript project, you will use some basic javascript functions to make all the elements (buttons) work. In this project, you will use HTML to create buttons or the structure of the calculator, CSS to add styles to them, and JavaScript to add functionalities to the buttons.

Source Code: Click Here

ii). JavaScript Form Validation

Almost every website uses forms to get the user data like username, email, phone number, card details, address, and other important information. So to apply the validations on the user input you can apply JavaScript regular expression to check that the user is filling the data in the correct way.  

Source Code: Click Here

iii). Notes Taking Website 

You can create a simple Note-Taking Web App using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to level up your JavaScript skills. In this project, you can allow users to create, edit, and delete tasks and store them in the local storage of the browser. And in this project, you can also mark the completed tasks as complete.

Source Code: Click Here

iv). Weather App

This web app can be the next-level project for you using HTML CSS and JavaScript. In this project, you will build a weather app that fetches weather data from an API and displays the current weather conditions to the user. 

Source Code: Click Here

v). Interactive Quiz

You can build an interactive quiz web app that uses JavaScript to show questions to the users. This project will contain MCQ and Answers. In this project, if the user selects the correct answers then it will make the green text and if the user selects the wrong answers then it will show the text as red background. This project will help the users to level up their skills by taking more and more quizzes. 

Source Code: Click Here

vi). Random Quote Generator

If you want to build an inspirational project then you can build a Quote Generator Project. This project will create random quotes for the user.

In this project, you can use Random Quote APIs to get the quotes or you can use JavaScript Array of Objects or Array to create quotes. And in this project you can use Math.random(); to generate random numbers for the quote.

Source Code: Click Here

vii). Coming Soon Landing Page

This is a simple javascript project which will create a timer for the users. In this project, you can use setInterval method to build the project. This project will automatically refresh every second to decrease the number by 1 second from the given time to the current time.

And the number-decreasing process will stop when the current time and the given time will be the same.

Source Code: Click Here

viii). Personal Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is a great way to showcase your skills, and projects to potential employers or clients. So you can create a Personal Portfolio Website using  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can use HTML to create the basic structure of your personal portfolio website and can use CSS to add styles and make it more attractive. And you can also use JavaScript to add some basic functionalities.

Source Code: Click Here

ix). Music Player

Create a basic structure of the Music Player that holds the music player controls, like play, pause, stop, volume, seek bar, and some other basic functionalities. You can use HTML to create the structure of the music player and CSS to add design to the music player. And use JavaScript to add functionalities to the Music Player.

Source Code: Click Here

x). Movie Application

Create a simple movie app with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and API calls from 'The Movie Database'. The API calls are used to get movies from 'The Movie Database'. The movie application allows users to browse, search, and watch movies and TV shows on their devices.

Using JavaScript, you can create a movie application with a wide range of features and functionalities. So try a movie application to level up your web development skills.

Source Code: Click Here

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